SKINFOOD Essentials to Achieve Healthy Skin

Achieving healthy skin has never been easy. Even if you are born with perfect skin, there will come a time that your skin will need an extra boost from you. Fortunately, you can start as early as now to cure and prevent any skin issues you are dealing with. Establishing a good skincare routine will help your skin stay healthy as you grow older.

This pandemic has been teaching us to take care of ourselves in any way possible. A healthy body reflects on our skin, yet we might be taking our skin for granted all these years. A few years ago, people started going crazy about Korean beauty products, specifically skincare products. It shows that most of us are just trying to achieve one thing; healthy, beautiful skin.

Performing a skincare routine can be a hit or miss, especially when you do not have the essential products and the correct process to make it work. You need to consider your skin type because your entire routine and beauty products will depend on it. Also, do not get intimidated or overwhelmed by the steps you see all over the internet. You should keep things simple for your comfort.

We prepared the four essential products from SKINFOOD that you should have in your skincare regimen no matter your skin type. Let’s get into it.

Egg White Pore Cleansing Foam

You have to know the difference between body cleansers and face cleansers. Yes, body cleansers are good for your body, but it is unlikely to be suitable on your face. It can be harsh on your skin, and it can also be comedogenic (pore-clogging). Having a gentle face cleanser will significantly improve your skin’s health, so do your best to steer away from harsh cleansers.

We recommend this face cleanser because it can also act as a gentle exfoliator as well. It can effectively remove any excess sebum and dead skin cells that are trapped in your pores. Also, it can benefit those who have enlarged pores as egg whites have tightening benefits that will make your pores less visible.

Rice Mask Wash Off

Wash-off masks are underrated beauty products many people should try. However, you should always purchase from reliable brands like SKINFOOD to get your money’s worth. This best-selling wash-off mask has been a holy grail for many users since it was released. It contains rice grains and other minerals to nourish your skin.

This mask can also gently exfoliate your skin while providing your skin whitening and moisturizing benefits. Especially if you suffer from pigmentation, your skin will significantly improve after a few uses. We recommend you use this wash-off mask so you can transform your dull, rough skin into a renewed, brighter skin.

Sun Flower No Sebum Sun Gel

Powerful sun protection is what you need in your daily skincare routine. If you rarely use sunscreens and suffer from lifeless skin, it is most likely sun damage. Never skip sunscreens in your morning skincare routine, especially if you go outside most of the time. It’s a vital step to keep your skin healthy as you age because sun damage is one of the most common reasons people experience skin aging at an early age.

If you despise heavy and greasy sunscreens, this sun gel is for you. It contains moisturizing and soothing benefits with SPF50+ PA++++ to provide you powerful protection from sun damage every day. Also, you do not need to worry about white casts and sticky finishes. Give this best-selling sun gel a try to keep your skin nourished under the sun.

Pineapple Peeling Gel

Exfoliating is a healthy process our skin needs now and then. Even though our skin exfoliates naturally, it needs a little help from us from time to time as it slows down as we age. There are numerous ways to exfoliate your skin, but we recommend chemical exfoliating the best, as it can penetrate deeper compared to physical exfoliants that can be abrasive as well. We recommend you this product that uses AHA found in pineapples to remove dead skin cells and other impurities off your pores.

Final Thoughts

Having a reliable brand like SKINFOOD that provides you with quality products at a reasonable price will make it easier for you to achieve healthy skin. You won’t need to waste more money on products you will rarely use by having the essential products for a good skincare routine.