Choosing the Best Postpartum Girdles With These Important Tips

Choosing the Best Postpartum Girdles With These Important Tips

Giving birth to a baby is a mixed feeling of joy, fear, anxiety, and excitement. Gaining extra calories during the 9 months of pregnancy period is a common thing but it also triggers panic. Hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy affects a lady but mentally as well as physically. One of their biggest concern is about the distorting figure that becomes worse if the baby was delivered through C-section surgery. It is obvious that the body will take some time to get back in normal condition after keeping the baby for 9 months. If you are also worried about the same concern, a postpartum girdle can help. This is a kind of wrapper meant for reducing the swelling from the abdominal area. Let’s understand in detail how this wrapper actually works. 

How does postpartum girdle work?

Postpartum girdle is a stretchable garment designed to fit perfectly on the abdominal area. These garments are designed with medical-grade compression level to provide adequate support to the abdominal area. If you are using a medically approved best postpartum girdle, swelling reduces drastically. This belly wrapper compresses capillaries and blood vessels to flush out extra fluids. Not only for reducing swelling but these girdles are also useful in handling various other issues that we are mentioning here in points:- 

  • Improves blood flow throughout the body
  • Help in reducing back pain 
  • Stabilizes pelvic floor 
  • Promotes overall recovery from childbirth 
  • Reduces fluid retention in the abdominal area
  • Support weak abdominal muscles 

While buying such a useful garment, you must be aware of several factors deciding its productivity. Here we are mentioning some points to help you in choosing the right belly girdle.

Important things to check in a postpartum belly wrap 

  1. Wearing comfort
  2. Ease of use 
  3. Approved by medical-grade standards
  4. Adequately supportive 
  5. Price factor 
  6. Reviews of current users


The most important factors to check in a postpartum waist trainer are its size and material. From XS to XXL, there are many sizes available in the market. Consult with a physician for suggesting the most suitable size according to your body shape. Another most important thing is its manufacturing material. Ladies who are recovering from postpartum after c section surgery need to critically check its moisture and breathability. Stitches and incision wounds need adequate ventilation to heal faster. 

Some of the best options to choose in postpartum girdles 

1. Corset benefit postpartum girdle

Bellefit postpartum girdle is a premium-class wrapping garment especially meant for ladies who have gone through C-section surgery. It is designed in a manner to provide 360-degree support from the abdominal area to back. You can rely on its effectiveness because the design is approved by food and drug administration as a medical device recommended for c-section recovery. From normal to plus size, it comes in multiple options. This is among the most expensive girdles available in the market. However, your investment will not go waste if purchased from a reliable brand. 

2. Acepstar belly wrap

If you are looking for an unaffordable postpartum girdle, we recommend this design because of the good breathability and stretchiness. You will feel absolutely comfortable in this postpartum garment. It comes with velcro for easy adjustment which is suitable especially in the early days of postpartum. 

Things to Consider While Using a Postpartum Girdle

The alone postpartum girdle cannot help in getting your body back into shape. It is also important to bring some changes in your lifestyle as we are mentioning below:-

  • Keep your body always hydrated with a lot of water. 
  • Only eat healthy food and avoid edibles rich in excess of saturated fats. 
  • Take as much rest as you can. 

While searching for a suitable postpartum girdle, it is important to choose your style wisely. pull-on style, velcro closure, and hook-and-eye closure three different types of girdles you can find in the market. Make your final decision wisely because the wrong size or style can also imply a negative impact on your health.