A Handy Jewelry Guide for Both Men and Women in Winter Season

Okay, we all know that global warming is increasing day and night and causing the whole world to become warmer and warmer in each passing year. But friend, the cold we experienced in December 2019 and January 2020 is literally bone-crushing. I mean, the favorite things of me in my home are my bed and the hot food delivered right to me. Hase it made me lazy, probably. Has it caused me to be extremely comfortable, without a doubt? Have I become less social and fashionable during this period? Yes, there’s no denying to that. 

I remember three days ago I found that my anklets have got blackish. Hence I planned to go ahead to do some silver anklets online shopping. And my friends, you won’t believe what I found, the collection was completely different than that of I remember from the hot season. And in the first time in my life, I felt so curious that I determined to figure out why it was such? I read a few articles and found that fashion always gets changed according to the season and trends from time to time. 

I am not a great fashionista or such. But, those articles inspired me to update my collection according to the latest trends. Hence I did that and found that there’s a whole new accessory collection for both men and women. I am just going to make two separate sections here and describe a bit about certain jewelry pieces. So, stay stuck with me:


  1. Rajasthani Collection

I know that Rajasthani jewelry can be heavy at times but you got to agree with me on this one that no other kind of jewelry can match the strong traditional appeal which only the Rajasthani jewelry can offer. It looks elegant and charming at the same time. 

  1. Nawabi Jewelry 

What else would you need to gather the wandering eyes than wearing a magnificent piece of nawabi jewelry? Yes, you get colors here, the shape, the lovely cuts filled with enamel, and also beautiful pieces of the history adorning yourself at your neck, ear, and hands.


  1. Cufflinks

When it gets cold out there, you got to protect yourself and look charming at the same time, am I right? And a blazer embellished with different colored stone buttons would give you the appeal were craving for. Coats are your best friends in winter. And the cufflinks are the coat’s best friends. 

  1. Bracelets

The trends in men to wear bracelets are getting higher and higher with each passing year and I do not personally think that it is going to shink down in the upcoming years. You can choose from chain bracelets with turquoise stones to the metal bracelets with bold black color. 

Looking handsome is important for men. At the same time, women can’t help to show off their fashion sense their knowledge of picking up stunning ornaments at any said social gathering. And therefore, it is so crucial to get updated about what’s happening in the world in jewelry. And grab unique pieces before they go out of the style. 

Amazon and Flipkart become our best friends for our grocery and other household needs. Whether you want to buy designer silver jewelry online or you want a new pair of shoes, online shopping is your best bet. But there’s one thing that we don’t like during the winter season. And that is we don’t look very charming in light jewelry. Also, wearing heavy jewelry is like inviting the cold for a fight for every moment you have worn that. So here we have brought you some jewelry hacks that will help you look stunning when there’s too cold out there:

  1. Studs

As an ongoing trend, men again started to wear jewelry pieces which make them look bold. And stud earrings are one of those. A number of jewelry companies are offering snow-flake studs for men nowadays. 

  1. Ties

You would say that ties are not jewelry pieces. But let me know don’t ties embellish a man and make him look attractive? Yes, there you go. But in today’s times, there are certainties in the market that looks like jewelry pieces. 

  1. Hand Band

After Bollywood celebrities made them a fashion, hand bands have been the favorite ornaments for Indian youth. You just need a few of them and you are all set to rock the outside world with your bold statement. 

So it was as simple as that. The way you look is all about your choices and you gotta buy something that has these qualities: It isn’t very expensive. Why giving your pocket a heart attack when you can buy an artificial piece of jewelry. Second, it shouldn’t be very heavy. Yep, metal gets cold so quickly during the winters so you need to take care of that. And third, it should go along with your personality. I have seen people looking weird just because a certain piece of jewelry wasn’t carefully chosen.