Vaping Kits to Gift

5 Vaping Kits to Gift Your Friend

Vaping is pretty popular right now, and it’s the “in thing” that’s replacing traditional tobacco cigarettes. Apart from being safer than cigarettes, vaping is also quite enjoyable. These two factors are primarily what has attracted most young adults to the vaping bandwagon.

Several naysayers claim that vaping is a vice, but the sheer numbers say otherwise. Vaping is so widespread that chances are one or two of your friends may be engaging in it. Buying gifts for vapers is so much easier than for people who smoke cigarettes.

If you’re not sure of what gift to get your vaper friend, here are the perfect ones that will impress them.

1.  A Good Quality Starter Kit

This is the perfect gift for vape enthusiasts and beginners alike. An excellent quality kit means that your beginner friend won’t have a rough start in their vaping journey. There are loads of beginner kits available in the markets, and it’s simply a matter of picking one that works best. Great starter kits are the juno vape battery already included.

While shopping around for the perfect starter kit, ensure it has the following items:

●    A Battery

Any vaping device derives power from a standard vape battery. These batteries play a critical role in the devices and ensure the e-cig is powered and ready to use. The battery gives power to your device’s coil, which heats the e-liquid, turning it into the vapor one inhales.

You have to pick a long-lasting battery, especially if you’re buying them separately with the kit.

●    The Coil

Think of this as the heart of the vape device — they heat the e-liquid and turn it to vapor. A great coil means the device will last longer and service your friend for many days to come. If your friend is a beginner, there are coils specifically designed for them. Coils are measured in terms of ohmmeters. A beginner’s coils should measure at most 1ohm, so it doesn’t give them difficulty.

You can go the extra mile and get additional coils, so they don’t have to keep buying new ones for a while too.

●    A Tank

The tank is a fundamental part of the starter kit. This is the container that holds the e-liquid before the coil ignites it during a vaping session. Tanks can either be made of glass or plastic.

●    Drip Tip

Think of it as the chimney that leads vapor in your mouth then lungs after the e-liquid is ignited in the coil. It’s an essential part of any vape device.

2.  A Personalized Case for Their Vape Device

Nothing speaks class like a bespoke piece of clothing — or in this instance, a carrying case. For many vapers, their devices are an extension of themselves, and they carry them everywhere they go. To express your care for your vaping friend, getting them a personalized case would be a great idea. Apart from keeping the vape safe and hygienic, a personalized case is also fun and exciting.

3.  A High-Quality Mod

Poor quality mods are an explosion risk, and one of the reasons vaping gets a bad rap. You get what you pay for, and this is especially the case with vape mods. This is essentially why you should only buy high-quality mods, especially if you’re going to gift them to your friend.

Vape mods are more complex than the usual e-cig or vape pen, and a cheap one is risky. So, do your friend a favor and get them that high-quality mod to make their vaping experience one of a kind.

4.  An Extra E-Cigarette Battery

Nothing sucks more than not vaping when one wants to satisfy the urge because your e-cig is out of power. An extra battery comes in handy when you least expect it to and could serve as the perfect gift for your friend. An e-cig battery is an inexpensive item, so go the whole nine yards and get two or three for your friend. This way, they can vape on the go without having to worry about their device going out of commission because of power.

5.  A Subscription to A Vape Magazine

It’s a known fact that information is power, especially in the world we live in today. If your friend enjoys keeping up with the latest vaping trends and news, you could get them a subscription to a popular vape magazine where he can get updated.

There are several leading vape magazines out there, so ask them which one they like most, then get that for them instead of assuming they like one, then buying a subscription for it. You could also sign them up for a digital magazine subscription online.


After going through this list, it’s doubtful you’ll still be struggling to pick the best vaping gift for your friend. Making a selection can be frustrating and infuriating, and more than often, you’ll find yourself asking, “what is the perfect gift?” Hopefully, this list of curated items helps you make the best decision for that special vaper who’s in your life. But if you still feel confused, why not wing it and get any of these five items? Chances are, they’ll love any gift you get them.