5 Kratom Strains to Boost Your Energy Level

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a herbal compound that is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries and is known for its many benefits on the body. There are various strains of Kratom, and each one has different uses and benefits.

However, Kratom strains are mainly known for their stress, anxiety, and pain-alleviating properties and energy-boosting ones.

What Does Kratom Vein Color Mean?

Each strain of Kratom is divided into three main colors. Upon taking a closer look at the leaves of Kratom, you will notice the veins and the stems have a certain color, which may be white, red, or green.

The color of the leaf is a sign of maturity. For instance, a red vein means the leaf has reached maturity, while a white vein means it’s still young. Each leaf, depending on the color, has a different chemical composition and will react in different ways in the mind and body of the user.

  • Red-veined Kratom is considered the most powerful. They are an ideal choice for someone who’s used Kratom for a long time.
  • White veined Kratom is great for energy-boosting. It contains these properties and will help the user get through their day. It’s also great for blurred vision and concentration.
  • Green-veined Kratom is perfect for balance. It can also be used as a stimulant and an analgesic. It helps remedy pain and boosts the user’s energy.

When to Use Kratom For Energy

Kratom is a powerful supplement with various uses, including improving your focus and giving you an energy boost. It can come in handy, especially when you run on empty and generally too tired to work.

Since Kratom is all-natural, it doesn’t mean there are no side effects with use. Its side effects aren’t that significant. The best time to use Kratom for energy is to look for a burst of euphoria and sharpen your focus.

Kratom works by attaching to the opioid receptors throughout your body. Unlike opiate drugs, it doesn’t attach aggressively or interact with them but still activates them.

Try and find the kratom capsule effects for your doses—ideally, one who has a reputation of only selling quality.

Kratom is great if you’re looking for an energy booster that isn’t coffee or a carbonated energy drink. They are all-natural, work instantaneously, and will give you energy for the whole day.

Here are five strains of Kratom that will boost your energy levels.

1.   White Maeng Da Strain

This strain will give you both energy and focus. Taking it will provide you with a maximum stimulation level and an energy boost, and you will want to do more. This is a potent strain, and you should only take a lower dose to suppress its sedating effects.

An increase in focus from taking White Maeng Da strain will allow you to concentrate longer and handle more than you usually would. It can also help with depression, theoretically speaking, because you’ll feel happy and excited when you take it.

Additionally, you will feel an overwhelming sensation of positivity and general wellbeing with a hint of a euphoric high.

2.   White Borneo Strain

This strain will deliver a burst of energizing, euphoric and uplifting sensations. It also has some elements of calmness and analgesia. The effects of White Borneo are more sedative-like and relaxing than most white kratom types but also maintain the focus and energy properties.

It’s a great strain because of its flexibility and can be nuanced depending on the dosage you take. Many kratom canada users don’t consider this strain because they think it only gives energy, but it has so much to offer, especially if you suffer from anxiety. It can induce feelings of energy, focus, and calmness.

3.   Red Borneo Strain

Red Borneo is actually among the highly sought-after strains of Kratom globally. Due to its many benefits, this is like energy and focus boosting, pain relief, and many others.

Many people use it because of its medium potency levels. It’s neither too strong nor weak but will deliver enough benefits that you enjoy using it.

Many Kratom users also enjoy it because of its calm-inducing properties. If you experience stress during the day, this will calm all your stress triggers.

4.   White Bali Strain

This strain will give you the much-needed energy and focus so you can do more, just like its sister, the White Borneo Strain. It will also allow you to be calmer and more positive when taken.

The White Bali Strain has high levels of potent alkaloids, which are responsible for the motivation, focus, and clarity you get. Additionally, it has anxiolytic and nootropic properties that may help with a wide range of conditions.

5.   Red Vein Bali Strain

Among the many benefits of the Red Vein Bali strain is its ability to increase your energy levels. The high proportion of alkaloids makes it capable of increasing the energy without any significant side effects.

Red Bali strain is also used to alleviate pain, improves sleep, and boost moods.


People all over the world are looking for natural solutions to boost their energy, and Kratom is the answer. If you happen to be among these people, try it out for a change, and you won’t regret it.

Other than its energy-boosting capabilities, it also has a lot more to offer, and the best part about it is that it’s legal.