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5 Different Types of Cakes For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not too far away now, which means you should gear up for a memorable celebration. There could be a lot of things that you can do to surprise your Mother. You can take her out on a date, where you can watch movies, have food, and can also go to the game centre. If she doesn’t like going out much, then you can organize a house party just like she had on your birthday’s. And even better, you can take over the household chores as it will give her a day off full of rest and relaxation. All that we want to say here is that the day shouldn’t pass without any celebration.

You should do different fun things throughout the day to keep her smile wide and to make her feel special. And in the evening time, a cake cutting ceremony is a must. Because an occasion as lovely as Mother’s Day should be marked by having a sweet delicacy together and cakes fit as the finest food for celebrations. You can do things as per your knowledge, but here we would like to extend a helping hand to let you choose the best cake for Mothers Day. Here are five types of cakes that you can surprise your mom with on Mother’s Day.

Designer Cake: – Designer cakes are the hottest trend right now! And that’s because they let people bring their imagination to reality. These cakes are covered with fondant icing, which is the main ingredient of designer cakes. If your mom loves to do make-up, then you can get a cake designed in the make-up kit shape with the caricatures of make-up items on it, not just a make-up kit, you can get the cake designed as per the likings of your mom.

Chocolate Truffle Cake: – The rich flavour of Truffle makes this cake a special one. It is made up of chocolate sponge with the addition of Truffle Sauce which makes the cake delicious and chocolicious. The cake has three layers (commonly, can be increased and decreased) of Truffle Sauce, one on top and two layers in between the fluffy cake material. The delicious Chocolate Truffle Sauce is nothing but a blend of chocolate with heavy cream and butter.

Personalized Cake: – Personalized cake is a great pick to mark the celebrations of any specific occasion. Personalized cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. You can customize it with a picture of your mom, her name written in cursive writing, and also with a special message from you. If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a personalized cake, you should place an order a day before for it because the bakers take time to bake a perfect personalized cake.

Strawberry Cake: – The whole world knows that Girls Love strawberries, and your mom was also a young girl once. And there is a famous saying that “age is just a number”. By that, we can say if you bring home a strawberry flavoured cake baked especially for Mother’s Day, your mom will be so happy. This one is tried and tested. Her taste buds will adore your gesture, and she will hug you tightly.

Red Velvet Cake: – This is a true delight, and your mom will surely love to gallop it. Made with either butter or oil, red velvet cake’s colour classically comes from the reaction of buttermilk and cocoa powder. Modern versions often achieve this hue by using red food colouring. Red velvet cake renders a rich look and taste just like the Mother’s Love. You can easily find a delicious red velvet cake on any renowned bakery.

Poster Cake: – As the name suggests, poster cakes are topped with posters designed as per the occasion or the person cake is meant for. And just like photo cakes, the poster on poster cake is edible. You can create a poster yourself and get it printed on the cake, or you can choose from various designs available on many online cake shops. Poster cakes are in trend as they perfectly depict the occasions. You can easily find Mother’s Day poster cakes online and get them delivered at your door-step.

We bet that the cake we have listed here will not fail to impress your Mom. So, which one you will go with?