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4 High-End Home Renovation Ideas For Your Sydney Home

Sydney was able to beat the real estate prices of Paris and New York City, which means it is now one of the most costly real estate markets worldwide. It surpassed all the other major cities in Australia in terms of the mean house price. According to a report from the Global Property Guide, Sydney’s mean house price in 2019 reached $1,142,212. It was 25% more expensive than the mean house price in the country.

Based on the most recent Census, there were about 1,855,734 private dwellings in the city. The owners of these houses chose to stay in this part of Australia due to job security, proximity to natural and man-made tourist attractions, and favourable weather conditions.

If you own a house in the city, you must do everything to take care of your high-valued property. Your home should always be on its top form, which is why any signs of deterioration require a call from builders that handle home renovations Sydney to improve the appearance of the house.

In case you have more than enough money for a high-end home renovation, you can ask the builders that handle home renovations Sydney to incorporate luxurious features in your house. Here are several areas at home that you can remodel to make your house more opulent and extravagant.

#1: Luxury Master Suite

Since you are working hard to earn as much money as possible, you deserve to have a bedroom that you can be most comfortable with. It should provide you with all the conveniences that you deserve to make you feel pampered and happy.

You may ask your builder to add ambient lighting fixtures to make your room look like a five-star suite, then add a glamorous walk-in closet and high-end bathroom to complete the luxurious feel.

#2: Fun And Creative Kids Rooms

Your kids also deserve some luxury if you have the money for an opulent home renovation. Children appreciate having rooms that are unique, fun, and creative.

Get inspiration from various home improvement websites and interior design magazines. Some of your choices include incorporating their favourite cartoon characters, using their preferred colours to decorate the room. You must also use comfortable and luxurious furniture pieces to add more elegance to the child’s room.

#3: Extravagant Entryway

You may start impressing your guests as soon as they enter your Sydney property by asking your builder to create a spacious and impressive entryway. You can ask them to build a vaulted ceiling, complete with crystal chandeliers and linked to a grand marble staircase.

The splendid entryway could allow you to create a remarkable first impression to anyone who will walk inside your home. It should also make them feel like they entered a well-designed place as soon as they arrive.

#4: Outdoor Spaces

Sydney has relatively pleasant weather all year long. It is the reason why most Sydneysiders prefer turning their vacant backyards into a cozy outdoor entertainment area. But aside from the usual grill and chairs, you can make it even more special by incorporating fancy features.

Some of your options include adding high-end outdoor kitchen furnishings, installing shades, and hiring a landscape artist to design your garden.

Renovating your Sydney home without thinking about the budget is every homeowner’s dream. You may still achieve your desired opulent home if you will fully discuss all your plans with your builder before the project begins.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.