4 Brands That Connected With People in The Middle East

When you research about how many fashion brands exist in the world, you will get millions of names on the internet. But did all of the brands connect with people? For any brand to sustain itself in a region, the connection is a very important factor. Especially when it comes to Middle East people like modest wear or styles that showcase their personalities. Worldly renowned fashion brands come up with styles that are not very inclusive. The clothing from a few brands gives them the idea to fuse their traditional wear with a modern style. That’s why popular online hubs like Vogacloset, Namshi and Sivvi offer huge discounts through vouchers like the Sivvi discount code. Only a few try to embrace people and their differences through the power of fashion. Middle Eastern fashionistas are very particular about brands because they look for great quality at authentic prices. Both men and women go for stylish silhouettes and try to still keep on with their culture.


The very iconic French luxury brand Chanel comes under one of the top choices of fashion brands. It was started by Coco Chanel in 1920. After analysing the market, the brand introduced itself in the Middle East market in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, it has been every household’s favourite brand. People mostly fall in love with the perfumes and purses. The European brand connected with the people in the GCC because of their highest quality and great craftsmanship. They never compromise on any item. They came up with modest suits and dresses for their summer and spring collection, which were grand successes in the Middle East.


Dior is no doubt one of the biggest fashion hubs worldwide. They have been trying to enter the Middle Eastern market with their haute couture. Eventually, they won the hearts of the audience and settled in as one of the Middle East’s top fashion brands. Their iconic house collection contains formal gowans, bar jackets and caped dresses, which women in the region cherish. Other than that, the brand has an unparalleled selection of makeup. The brand’s main mission was always to revolutionise women’s fashion, and now they act like a catalyst even in the men’s fashion industry.


Fashion comes with affordability, and that’s exactly how people define H&M. It is not a Middle East favourite but rather a worldwide loved store. They have the trendiest fashion articles at the lowest prices possible. Everyone can carry on with feasible shopping from a teenager to an adult if they choose H&M as their destination. It is a value-driven store that works on the fundamental of respecting choices. Though they are a fast fashion house, they focus on product quality. Other than that, their accessories and the collab designs are something people look out for. Anyone who wants to shop in the online H&M stores should definitely check coupons or deals websites like Rezeem for exceptional discounts on cart values.

Calvin Klein

Minimalism is the maximum fashion. Calvin Klein is the best example to describe this statement. They have t-shirts, jeans and denim collections that fit anyone’s day-to-day style. People in the Middle East choose this brand over others because of its premium quality. They have a flawless plethora of fashion items. Even their accessories will grab everyone’s attention. The brand has a fair share of consumers in the region. People also appreciate the great quality of undergarments and lingerie that the store offers. For further price cut-offs, you can shop with discounts like the Sivvi code, which is from a fashion giant that includes every popular brand.


People in the Middle East are smart and loyal buyers. This means that they won’t switch from one brand to another. That’s why forming a brand relationship is very important. Communication and brand awareness is the key. The brands that do that get huge success in the market and grow bigger.