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Factors That Matter While Choosing Plus-size Bra

New Zealand is catching up with the global plus-sized fashion. The average Kiwi woman is a size ranging from 12 to 14.

The country has nearly 5 million population identifying with various ethnic groups. With a plethora of body types, gone are those days when you had to be of a particular size to wear designer clothes and lingerie. Now, the Kiwi market offers plenty of options for plus-size bras in NZ, and you need to keep in mind a few tips for identifying the best fit for you.

Choose a Perfect Fit for Your Body Type

About 70% of the Kiwi population is of European descent, 15% claim to be Asian, and rest claim to be Middle-Eastern and African. Some of these groups boast beautiful curvy women.

The plus-size bras in New Zealand come with a thick underwire, broader bands, straps, and large cups to suit your hefty chest. The retailers here ensure a material difference between a typical 34A and 44F, with a thickness maintained in the latter.

Choose a plus-size bra that suits your curves. Ensure the bra strap doesn’t dig into your skin, and the under band isn’t too tight or loose.

Check the Material

The New Zealand retailers offer GOTS-certified organic cotton bras that are super soft. Some are eco-friendly, containing elastane.

And that’s not all! You can also find options with 100 per cent certified bamboo.

Choose breathable material, as a hefty chest demands some extent of elasticity.

You can find softer plus-size bras in NZ, thus, avoiding rashes and allergies. Also, avoid wet material, as there are chances of fungal infection due to friction with your skin.

Find the Right Band Size

The temperature on a Kiwi summer day can rise to 27 degrees Celsius. With an incorrect band size, you could sweat around your rib area, making you itchy. Moreover, your huge bosoms could increase your miseries.

Nearly 6% of Kiwi women in the age group of the 20s and 30s have breast cancer, due to ill-fitting bras as one of the causes. The medical condition is more prominent among curvy women.

Using a measuring tape, find the size of the area below your chest, to determine your right band size. Also, measure your chest area, and the difference between these two sizes give you your bra size.

Go for Bras with Additional Features Designed for Curvy Women

The curvy Kiwi women are raving about the latest trends in bra accessories- Bra extenders and breast lift tape.

With a hefty chest area, your bra can stretch over time, leaving your bosoms hanging too low. Thus, to maintain proper fitting, you can use hook bra extenders. Also, the breast lift tape can offer additional support.

Experiment with the Latest Style

The after-hours contour bras and bikini tops are trending in the New Zealand plus-size bra market.

Maintain a balance between comfort and style. Your bra should support your bust, at the same time, be flattery.

New Zealand is ready to embrace diversity, with more international curvy models coming out of the country. Kiwi retailers are extending their size range by going up to size 16 and 18s. Understand your comfort level requirements to choose the best fitting plus-size bra, and flaunt your assets more graciously.

Author Name: Carmel Issac
Author Bio: Carmel Issac is a blogger and writer. He loves to express his ideas and thoughts through his writings