Will You Gain Muscle Mass and Strength by Taking Creatine?

Creatine is an essential supplement in fitness and bodybuilding communities. It is known as the most effective dietary supplement to increase strength and build body mass.

According to research, consuming creatine can double your lean muscle gain and strength compared to working out alone.

Creatine improves your body’s energy production

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is the primary form of energy in the cells of your body. It plays an essential role in muscle function and metabolism. However, your body can only hold enough ATP for 8-10 seconds of extreme workout. Then, your body will produce a new ATP that matches the needs of your body’s activity.

A high-intensity workout needs more ATP than your body can produce per second. This explains why you can only have a burst of energy for a few seconds. The ATP energy in your body runs out.

The supplement can increase your body’s stock of phosphocreatine, which is needed to produce new ATP while doing extreme exercise. The additional creatine in your muscles can be used to produce ATP that can give you a small amount of energy before getting fatigued.

Other benefits of creatine for muscle function

Aside from the supplement’s role in ATP production, there are different ways to improve the function of your muscle cells. A good example is the cell volumization or swelling, where the water content of your muscle cells increases. Moreover, it also increases the main hormone for your muscle growth known as the IGF-1.

These changes can create new muscle mass by activating several processes that cause the formation of new proteins. Also, creatine can help you retain muscle and lessen muscle breakdown during exercises, resulting in a greater amount of muscle in the long run.

The ability to do longer workouts and lift heavier weights is another long-term benefit of taking the supplement. You may not see the difference in a week; the total amount of the weight that you have lifted is the main factor in the long-term growth of muscle.

Creatine improves power and strength

The ATP energy is the principal fuel source for an extreme workout. The creatine increases the phosphocreatine level, hence increasing the production of ATP energy; it is one of the proven supplements to increase power and strength.

How to effectively take creatine?

Creatine is available in different forms. The latest versions of the supplements show promising results. However, creatine monohydrate is still the most effective form. Moreover, it is the cheapest option available in the market.

According to studies, using a high-dose loading strategy can quickly increase the creatine content of your muscle. While it is not necessary, the strategy will help you acquire the benefits of creatine in a few days.

Healthy individuals can take creatine for a long time with no problem. However, it may not be safe for those who have kidney disease and related issues.

Following a good diet and exercise plan is vital to reap the benefits of taking a creatine supplement. You must remember that creatine supplements can only help you build muscles and strength by enhancing your gym performance. The supplement will not work without a proper exercise regimen.

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