Nature-Friendly Dress Pattern

When Fashion Meets Nature

From the beginning of human life, nature provided us with everything we needed. From food to shelter, nature provides nourishment to human life. So from the beginning of human civilization, a touch of nature in our life is present. After the 1950s, due to industrialization and technological advancements, we lost this touch. But now, people are again trying to live with nature. By wearing nature-themed jewellery like bohemian jewellery from Australia, nature-friendly house construction design, we are trying to live alongside the environment. Australians have a long history of living alongside the environment. The bohemian jewellery from Australia is one of the best examples of this. Designs and colour schemes of dress, new building models are trying to maximise the compatibility with the environment. Australian laws are also changed drastically for the conservation of nature. This new culture benefits both humans and nature at the same time. Now a nature-friendly lifestyle helps us to keep away from many diseases and stress. Also, the mentality of conserving and living with the environment is now saving endangered lifeforms.

Nature-Inspired Jewellery

In the past, the fashion was wearing expensive gold jewellery. But now, humans are creating and using more nature-inspired designs. The best example of this is the bohemian jewellery from Australia made from stones, feathers, shells, beads, and sterling silver, copper or brass. This type of nature-friendly design gives a unique look. Also, they are made from materials available naturally. This advantage makes some of this jewellery less costly than other traditional jewellery. Australia has a long history of making such jewellery. You can find many sellers in Australia who sell both bohemian jewellery and its materials. Such jewellery will always be eye-catching and straightforward. Some nature-inspired jewellery uses designs from nature, like shapes of leaves, seeds, etc. Some of this jewellery is also made from rare materials, and they may be a bit costlier. But most of them are easily replaceable and modular.

Nature-Friendly Dress Pattern

From the beginning of human civilisation, we have used many nature-inspired designs in every area. One of them is our dress and its patterns. The designers always tried to include models and colour patterns from the environment to give a unique look. These trends are even present in today’s world. Many designers use plant, flower and other designs from the environment to their dress design. Our eyes admire many wonders of nature, so when we get the same on our dress, we appreciate it also. Some designers use printings of nature and environment on their dress patterns. But others use nature-inspired colours like a sunset sky, blue sky, greenery of nature, etc. Designers know that those who admire these will also admire their dress designs.

Nature-Friendly Buildings

In prehistoric times humans lived in caves. But as civilization occurred, we started to build houses with available materials. But after the invention of cement, we began to build cement structures that are long-lasting and stronger. But these designs were not eco friendly or good for human health. Many substances and chemicals used in such buildings are harmful to lifeforms. When plans moved away from nature, we were forced to start using different artificial cooling and lighting. But in the past few years, people began to understand this and started to use more nature-friendly building designs. Some of such designs helped to increase the airflow inside the building. This construction style drastically reduced the need for artificial cooling systems. People also learned to build structures without causing much destruction to the environment. Living with the nature concept drastically reduced many diseases and also helped to lower stress-related problems. Living with nature is always beneficial for both humans and the environment.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.