Unlined Bra And Bralette?

What’s The Difference Between An Unlined Bra And Bralette?

You may have seen advertisements for bralettes in magazines or perhaps your girlfriends swear by them. They have become extremely popular in the last decade or so. But this begs the question, what is a bralette? Is it remarkably different from a simple unlined bra? While there are some similarities, you will discover that bras and bralettes can and should play different roles in your wardrobe.

What Does an Unlined Bra Have?

Unlined bras have all the support and structure of a traditional bra, including both wireless and underwire styles. What they are lacking is any foam or padding in the cups. They are fabric cups, often made of lace, mesh, or nylon, that allow your natural breast shape to show.

This means unlined bras can still lift and create beautiful cleavage. A great example is the Second Skin Unlined Bra. There is no padding here, but the underwires provide plenty of support, and the plunge front enhances your natural bustline without molding foam cups.

What Does a Bralette Do?

A bralette is all about comfort. They tend to be minimalist in design and rarely, if ever, have underwires. Typically made of stretchy fabric, they often pull over the head and lack any front or back closures. Bralettes are for lounging days, self-care days, or whenever you just need to be more relaxed.

Bralettes also impart a touch of sexiness. There are many outfits where a little bit of bra showing through is desirable. Think about an organza blouse or a strappy sundress. Bralettes tend to be pretty and feminine and are perfectly designed for a little peek-a-boo. They are also usually unlined for a much lighter feel on the body.

When purchasing a bralette, getting fitted or knowing your bra sister sizes is important. The unstructured nature of these bras may fit and feel a little different if you’re not used to it. Have a fitting session with someone who knows how bralettes function.

How Do I Choose Which Is Best for Me?

It used to be you only needed to choose between wireless bras and non-wireless when considering your underclothing. Today it can seem as if the choices are nearly endless. How can you possibly decide between a bralette and an unlined bra for your next purchase? Keep the following in mind:

  • If you are large-busted and only feel comfortable with substantial support, go with an unlined bra.
  • For business or formal occasions, it’s best to go with an unlined bra to ensure support and coverage.
  • Wear a bralette when your outfit requires a little of the bra to show.
  • When it’s time to relax and hang out with friends, try a bralette.

Clearly, it’s a good idea to invest in both for your wardrobe. Finding the right bras and bralettes for you will be time-consuming. Just accept that you need to spend more than one day. Begin by visiting local stores that can help you find the right size and fit. Then expand your search online to find bra boutiques that carry just what you need.