Road Tripping

What You Need To Know Before Road Tripping on a Two-wheeler?

All the adventure souls around the globe are of the view that there’s no better way to see the beautiful landscapes and sceneries than to do it Easy Rider-style i.e. by going on a motorcycle road trip. You will get to see nature more closely, in fact, you become a part of the scenery you are traversing through. While traveling on a motorcycle you will feel a cool breeze, rain, and sunlight directly onto your skin besides smelling the sweet fragrance of wildflowers grown along roadsides, hearing rushing rivers and birdsong, and feeling every curve in the road through your entire body.


This is not all for a motorcycle road trip, there are some challenges too that are ascribed with road tripping on a two-wheeler. Some of them are nearly unavoidable but most of them can be warded by preparing your trip carefully. This piece of fact sheet will guide you about the steps that will ensure that your motorcycle road trip will be smooth sailing. By considering these guidelines you will enjoy a safe, comfortable, and fun-filled journey.

Choose the right motorcycle for your epic two-wheeled adventure:

When choosing a ride, you must consider that the motorcycle should be comfortable for your height and weight and suitable for the type of riding you’re planning on doing. On a road trip, you will remain in the riding position for hours and if the comfort level of your seat, footpegs, backrests, suspension, and handlebars is not up to the mark, you will immediately feel fatigued. But if you already own a trusty steed, you are free from all the worries we discussed.

Don’t overpack; pack light:

When packing for your trip, you feel like you need everything for your trip and this results in overpacking. But for a comfortable road trip, you must neither under pack nor overpack. Try to bring multipurpose things and products that are reusable. It will save a lot of packing space for you. You can find a variety of motorcycle luggage options for your ride but a saddlebag is the best and the most secure option for keeping your personal and travel-related items.

Dress in a motorbiking outfit for your road trip:

For road tripping on a motorcycle, you need to dress properly, it will save you from serious injuries in the event of accidents, keep your body warm in cold weather, and make you feel comfortable while riding. And the motorcycle gear that is necessary for a road trip includes riding pants, a comfortable t-shirt, ankle boots, a full-face helmet, motorcycle gloves, and a motorcycle jacket you feel most comfortable with. For more protection, you need to pick elbow and knee guards for more protection.

Bring picture kit along with tools and spares:

One thing that all riders will talk about is the risk and unreliability of a motorcycle especially when you are traveling hundreds of miles. To cater to this problem of a broken bike you need to have the basic maintenance knowledge along with some spares, tool kit, and puncture kit. When you are traveling through the countryside or a forest area, you will not find any garage within around a 50km radius and these tools will be used as a savior of this hard time.

Take breaks:

When you hit the road for a long adventurous road trip, one tip that will save you from discomfort and unwelcomed problems is don’t push yourself more than your comfortable limits. You and your ride need frequent breaks otherwise either your ride will face some maintenance problems or you will feel fatigued because of the tiresome journey. Your muscles and joints will feel soreness and it will result in frustration.

Pack for all-weather travel:

Traveling on a bike means you are directly exposed to the environment. You will feel the wind, the cold breeze, the heavy rain, the snowfall, and temperature change in a way that someone in a car never will. Traveling from place to place means you are traveling from one climate to another, so, to keep yourself healthy and to continue your trip you must have warm clothes and rain suits.