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What are The Best Eco-Friendly options for Your Flooring?

Eco-friendly materials are getting more and more popular and they deserve it. The space you live in has a big impact on your mood and lifestyle in general. If you want to make more sustainable options in your home, but you don’t know how, here are some ideas for eco-friendly flooring.

Wool carpet

One of the simplest things you can do and make you flooring more sustainable is to get the wool carpet. The reason carpet is so popular is that it doesn’t just look well; it’s also very practical and comfortable. The material is soft and you’ll love to sit on it as much as you’ll love to walk on it. The colors and patterns are limitless and you can choose any type of design you like. The best thing is that you will not only have a nice comfortable carpet, you’ll also have a sustainable one.

Wool is a natural resource and you should check some rugs for sale immediately if you believe this could be the best option for you. Wool is one of the first materials to be used as a floor covering and it has never disappointed. Of course, there are other carpet options great for eco-friendly flooring. Some of them are sisal, jute, and cotton.


Even though cork is relatively new to the flooring world, it’s gaining popularity quickly. You may see it in a bottle of wine but it may surprise you that cork is a great idea for flooring. Cork is an eco-friendly option for flooring since it’s harvested off the cork oak tree found in the forests of the Mediterranean. Since the trees aren’t cut down for harvesting the material and they grow back, they make a great renewable source.

It’s also a great option for your home since it has anti-microbial properties. This means that the allergens in your home will be reduced. It also acts as an insect repellent which will prove to be a very useful property. The material is also fire retardant and the best thing is that it’s very easy for maintenance. You can choose the color according to your preferences and the rest of the interior. You’ll love this material for its durability too. Once you choose the color and design, you’ll be able to enjoy this flooring’s charm for up to 30 years.


Not only the cork, but bamboo is also gaining popularity in the flooring world. The grass is the thing that shares some of the properties hardwood has. Bamboo flooring is primarily popular due to its durability and easy maintenance. The fact that it’s also easy for installment is what makes it even better and more wanted.

Bamboo is made from natural vegetation which grows in three to five years and that’s what makes it a sustainable choice for flooring. Bamboo flooring is also popular due to its varied grains and a plethora of colors which make it win over the traditional flooring in most of the cases. The only problem is that it sometimes can be made with formaldehyde and you should inform yourself about the bad effects of formaldehyde before you make the purchase.


If your first association with the linoleum flooring is vinyl, think again. Vinyl is a synthetic made of harmful materials. On the other side, linoleum is made of a concoction of linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments, and ground limestone. You may notice that there is nothing harmful in these materials and that’s exactly what makes linoleum a good flooring option.

Since it contains cork dust, linoleum has some of the properties cork has. For instance, it’s fire retardant and water-resistant which may prove very useful in case of emergencies. Linoleum wasn’t a popular material for some time, but it’s gaining its popularity back thanks to the designers and architects who are asking for it more and more often. Linoleum can also be found in different colors and its durability is another thing that makes it so good.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are not only a beautiful choice for flooring, but they are an eco-friendly option too. The reason they are renewable is that they are made of glass bottles, the ones from wine or beer. If you don’t know what kind of flooring to get for your kitchen or bathroom, glass tiles may be a perfect choice.

With glass tiles, you won’t have to worry about mildew or mold in damp environments such as the bathroom. This is all because glass is non-absorptive. You’ll be very happy with glass tiles since they won’t stain and it’ll be more than easy for you to maintain them. The colors and patterns you can choose from are endless and you’ll be able to easily find the perfect design for your bathroom. The fact that it doesn’t stain is the reason more why this material is perfect for kitchen flooring too. Whichever room you decide to get the glass tiles for is going to benefit even more since the glass will reflect the light and make the room even lighter than it is.


Making sustainable choices is always respectable. If you decide to do so in your home décor, you should start from the flooring. Use some of these ideas and you’ll do a lot for the environment.