Warm Experience of Winter Hiking Tours in Czech Republic


Prague has been on the radar the most travelers for several years now, and permanently reason. Its bohemia meets exceptional culture and has artists, musicians, food, wine, and culture to match its reputation. However, there’s such a lot more to the Czech Republic than the crowd-drawing significant cities. Outside of the cities, you will find a more authentic Czech experience. There are historic villages, small family-owned wineries, and several other festivals that compile the culture, food, and drinks of the region. So if you’re looking to flee the crowds and therefore the cities, venture bent a number of these lesser-known, but equally has fantastic, town within the Czech Republic.

Recommendations to keep your winter tours in the Czech Republic as warm and fun as possible

  • Dress in layers and confirm you’ve got an honest quality base layer.
  • Invest in a superb pair of mittens, yes mittens, and not gloves.
  • Sunglasses are an absolute necessity. Living in Colorado, where the sun shines most of the time, you learn always to have them and particularly within the winter, when the snow reflects more light.
  • Bring a thermos filled with your favorite beverage. (maybe not a necessity but soooo tasty)
  • Bring poles along, as they will be so helpful in deeper snow.
  • Leg gaiters can keep snow from getting into your boots, which may be a big goal of mine.

Rejviz is a small mountain village with the sweetness of nature all around it. This village has unique charm and history and even famous ghostly legends. The town has old half-timbered houses surrounded by forests and meadows and is one of the first picturesque places to go to. You will have a famous custom made wooden chair carved only for you or taking a winter hiking tours in Czech Republic. Great Moss Lake is an ancient body of water whose thick layer of Moss gives the Lake its name. Here is where you will find the legends of the phantom ghost who wanders the misty bogs grabbing those they will stray from the pathways.

Innovative and exciting Ideas for great Winter tours in the Czech Republic:

  • Choose winter hiking tours in Czech Republic trail that you are conversant in and snowshoe it.
  • Look for cross-country ski areas as they typically allow winter snowshoers.
  • Many ski resorts have moonlight snowshoe tours that are a lot of fun.
  • National park trails are good options. Rocky Mountain park may be an excellent spot to travel, and you will rent snowshoes right down the road.


There are numerous advantages to Winter tours in the Czech Republic, and therefore, the biggie on behalf of me is fewer people on the trail. Sometimes the summer months bring numerous people bent the paths that it defeats the entire purpose of stepping into the backcountry. Another good reason to urge out and hike in winter is that it just feels good to urge out of the house and obtain a touch exercise while enjoying Mother Nature.