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Top Tips For Plus Size Women In Their 50’s To Pick Trendy Clothes

For women in their 50’s who require plus size clothing the biggest challenge is to find clothes of the right length and those which are in fashion. There are those who may prefer shorter length dresses and others who find it more comfortable to dress in long dresses. No matter what kind of dress one prefers it is essential to pick one that is flattering and feminine and the best option is wholesale for plus size women’s clothing for women.

The market for Plus size apparel is big in the USA and all over the world. Plus-size clothes for women start from size 10 or 14. Average plus-size dress for women in the USA is 14 to 16. According to several online surveys, the women plus-size apparel market in 2016 was 20.6 Billion dollars up from 17.4 Billion the previous year. Thus, women with plus size apparel is growing in popularity with worldwide sales as high as 643 Billion USD. 

A tea length dress fits just below the knee and is quite versatile for either casual or formal wear. For those who prefer to wear sleeveless dresses, it is possible to buy fashionable clothes by opting for cap sleeves which will cover the shoulder but show off most of the arm. This article provides vital tips for plus-size women over 50 attempting to pick trendy clothes.

Tips on Selecting Trendy Clothes

  • Going from store to store at the mall or various places in the city can drive you crazy when hunting for highly creative and fashionable clothes since not every store stocks plus-size clothes.
  • Shopping online gives you the option of buying from any online store around the world what delivers to your address. 
  • Online stores have their collection in display making it easy to get the correct size and design, besides which it is also possible to exchange and return if it is not to your liking.
  • Every online store will have a sizing guide making it easier to get the size right when buying from an online store.
  • It is quite common for older plus size women to feel many colors do not suit them. Color fear is wrong and there is no basis to this, it is wrong to not consider a color just simply because of age and size.
  • Bright colors can look equally good on plus-size women.
  • It is a good idea to select colors that work with your complexion and the ones which have a tone as per your preference like earth tones, jewel tones or pastels.
  • A wardrobe with neutral colors and similar patterns or prints can seem dull; hence it essential to get creative. 
  • An ancient and unique design, batik is optimal for plus-size women and has a touch of handmade clothes.
  • Tie-Dye is a fun colorful and unique option too for when to like to show off their style.
  • Many women tend to pick floral or geometric patterns which are quite popular however other styles like abstract patterns are also equally interesting and cause be used as casual and official clothes.
  • There are many benefits of selecting a collection of clothes with your signature style that ensures you stand out from the crowd.
  • Plus size women tend to be conscious about their size and lack confidence, thus it is important to select the attire that makes them feel confident.
  • Be open to trying a creative mix of colors instead of opting for black which happens to be quite popular for plus-size women.
  • Shades like caramel and chestnut and other shades that blend with the skin tones are also a good option.
  • For those who do not like to move on from dark colors or black, a navy blue is a good option.
  • Selecting a good outfit can help you feel confident as can the creative accessories that you pick. 
  • Colorful and stylish jewelry can make your dress more creative hence it is a good idea not to limit yourself.
  • Using other accessories like chains, necklaces and bracelets work perfectly well for plus size women.

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