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Top 4 Sunglasses Style to Go For in Spring

It’s almost time for spring! No more gloomy weather, cold air, and layers of clothing to keep you warm. Instead, there will be bright sunshine, and the outdoors will be calling on you to go out and have fun.

And, of course, you’re itching to do that. And when you do, you’ll definitely be wearing your prada sunglasses. After all, you’ve been accustomed to days inside the house without bright sunlight shining on your face. You might find yourself now squinting from the sun’s rays on your first step out the door.

Be prepared and get the trendiest eyewear at the ready. So when the first sign of spring comes, you’ll be the first fashionista out on the streets.

Aviator-Style Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are classic fashion statements from decades ago. And they still are today.

However, they’ve gotten a trendy make-over. There’s the square-shaped one and the chunky plastic rimmed one that is selling like hotcakes.

But while the new take on aviators is unique, the classic sunglasses still retain their characteristic oversized lens. And it’s becoming even more popular as spring looms near.

What’s great about this new take on the aviators is that anyone can wear them, no matter what the season. Of course, you may opt for the original design.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses can be round, rectangular, and all kinds of shapes. They can be thick or thin-rimmed. And they can be of any colour, from the frame to the lens.

But one thing the oversized sunglasses have achieved is that their trendy style is here to stay. And it spans all age groups.

The biggest thing you can take from this style, of course, is the amount of shielding your eyes get from the wide lenses. And it’s perfect for adjusting to the sunshine when spring comes.

Geometric Sunglasses

From round to square and even heart-shaped, sunglasses with trendy shapes are all the rave today. So, watch out for them in spring. Or maybe you might want to be the first to wear them when that time comes.

This colorful geometric-shaped eyewear, which are the style icons of the 1960s, are making a comeback, much like everything from the yesteryears. And everyone is so excited for them.

Colourful Lenses on Tortoiseshell Frame

A little avant-garde, you might think. But this style is actually quite popular, both with younger people and the middle-aged. And it’s starting to become the go-to style for autumn and spring.

Where the trend started may not be clear, but you must have seen popular Korean Stars wearing tortoiseshell sunglasses with lenses of different colours. Yes, it’s no longer just brown on brown. There’s pink, yellow and all other colours.

And whatever colour you choose, you can expect to be on top of the fashion list when you wear them.

Trendy or not, sunglasses are one of the top accessories for any fashion style, whatever the season may be. If you’re off to the beach, a casual walk outdoors, or even on your way to work, wearing sunglasses makes you look stylish and helps protect you from the bright sunlight and harmful UV rays.

So, whether you choose those chic Prada sunglasses or the classic Carrera eyewear when spring comes, bear in mind that functionality beats style.

Better yet, use eyewear that has both purpose and spring fashion—certainly a win-win situation for you.

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