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Tips For Opening A Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas

Marijuana can be a medical drug or merely a recreational one. It gives you a high, calms your nerves, and makes you feel relaxed. It is also known to alleviate your pain and symptoms of nausea when undergoing chemotherapy. Did you also know that as of 2019, Las Vegas allowed marijuana consumption activity within licensed social use venues?

What’s more, your marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas can be quite profitable as the people of Las Vegas like the focus it gives them to gamble in the sin city.

Moreover, the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in 2016, and the medical use of marijuana was legalized in 2000. As long as you are a licensed entity, you will face no problems in opening a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas seamlessly.

Read this article on the process and tips for opening a marijuana dispensary in the sin city.

Process of Opening A Dispensary

To open your marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, you must follow due process and comply with several ordinances. Here are the steps to follow to apply for opening a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas:

  • You must have a name in mind before obtaining the application from the Nevada State Health division.
  • Ensure you have a special use permit from the city planning department and secure permissions from the property owner for selling marijuana if you are renting.
  • You must have $5000 for the application fee and $20000 for the licensing fee.
  • Know that you will need to pay a 10% excise tax
  • Ensure you are complying with all the provincial ordinances, zoning rules, and land rules

Once you submit your application to the Nevada State Health Division on the 10 business days allotted, it takes at least 90 days for them to respond. When accepted, you will receive a 20-digit identification number. Note that you will need to renew your registration certificate yearly for at least $75.

If your application has been accepted, find a suitable location away from schools or community facilities. Ensure that you don’t sell more than one ounce of unconcentrated marijuana, 1/8th ounce of concentrated marijuana with less than 3500 mg of HTC, and edible products with less than 3500 mg of HTC or 1/8th ounce of concentrated cannabis. Plus, make sure you sell only to people above 21.

Tips to Bear in Mind

Before you start your application process to open a marijuana dispensary, ensure you bear these tips in mind:

  • Know about marijuana completely. You should know the various strains available and the ones you are legally allowed to sell.
  • You should be aware of where to source your product from
  • Read all ordinances and legal documents and acquaint yourself with the industry well
  • Ensure you have an appropriate business model and have secured the funding for it
  • Hire an accountant and track your expenses and keep track of your profit and losses
  • Being in the marijuana business, it is advisable to hire a legal counsel
  • You must keep your dispensary secure and monitor it adequately


The marijuana industry is quite large and ever-changing. While it is legalized in Las Vegas, you might want to keep track of the rules and regulations enlisted by the Nevada Dispensary Association. Moreover, you must ensure you have the relevant permissions and licenses.

Applying for a license to open a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas is relatively uncomplicated. You need to be mindful of the law, ensure you have no criminal records and sell only as much cannabis as allowed. Plus, you need to pay a non-refundable application and licensing fee.

So, follow the process and tips detailed in this article to open your dispensary now!

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