Tips For A Hassle Free Party

Begin Early

If you want to have a stress-free experience, it is important to start as early as possible. Waiting till the last week is only going to make things tough. It is also likely that most kids won’t be able to come due to such short notice. Ideally, you should begin as early as possible but take at least a month for preparation.

Send out invites as early as possible as parents of other kids also need to plan and they need time. Your guests might not turn up in case you send invites too late and this is something you wouldn’t want.

A joint party is a thing these days and extremely popular. It makes children feel special and you also get to have a huge party while still saving money. It will also save you from all the work you will need to do when planning a party alone.

Make sure you book the entertainer as early as possible. In fact, do it before booking the venue. There are a lot of venues for birthday parties unless you want a particular one. However, you should lock the entertainer at the earliest.

As far as choosing a venue for the party is concerned, there is nothing wrong with having your party at home. People are increasingly choosing to hold parties at home in order to avoid having to hire a hall. It is also more comfortable for younger children and they don’t feel overwhelmed in a new environment. Don’t worry about us as we won’t have any problems in delivering parties in a house. We will be happy to help.

Check Your Spending

A joint party is a great idea as it helps in splitting the cost. Many clients unnecessarily worry that their child may not like a joint party. We can tell you from our own experience of performing at hundreds of joint parties that both the children are going to love it.

Consider having your party outside during the summer months. It could be outside of a hall or in the back garden. Many of our clients have also held parties at the local park. Delivering performance outdoors is easy and kids also love it. It will also help you save some money on hiring a venue.

If your child likes a particular genre, they would love a character visit. However, what many people don’t know is that a character visit is typically limited to a character coming along and leaving after saying Hi to everyone. They are not going to run and host the party. For that, you will need the services of an entertainer.

Everyone is on Facebook and you should create a Facebook event after adding all the friends of your child on Facebook. It will help with managing things as parents can reply to you online and you’ll be able to provide updates to those parents about the party without the need to call them frequently. If a Facebook event isn’t your cup of tea, find another way to let parents RSVP to you. Most people prefer text messages.

Plan for Contingency and Remain Consistent

There are always going to be extra guests. Most children have brothers or sisters and they like to tag along. Make sure you prepare food and other things keeping in mind that there are going to be more kids than you have invited.

More isn’t always better. Many people like to think of adding a lot of activities such as face painting, bouncy castles or multiple entertainers to the party. However, you don’t need these many things if you choose the right entertainer for your party. Adding too many activities to the party is overkill and there is no need for you to spend money on activities nobody will use. These fun flashing polka dot mouse ear headbands are the perfect prop for a Disney themed party.

Limit the party time. Not everyone likes the idea of a four hour long party. It can work but not many parents would like to party that would go on for four hours. The perfect time for a party is two hours. Everyone will reach the party on time and they will also enjoy it. Don’t forget that more isn’t always better.

Don’t forget to send a reminder to the parents a few days before the date of the party. Everyone is busy and there is a possibility that some might have completely forgotten about it. If you have a Facebook event, send a reminder to everyone or if you’re using text messages, send them a message.

Choose a fun theme for the party as children like to dress up. The decorations should match the theme for everyone to have unlimited fun. Every child is into something and you should use them like to choose the theme for the party. You get to choose between 10 different theme packages for a child’s birthday party with us. In fact, you should go through our blog which covers the most popular kids’ party themes.

Don’t Waste Money on These Things

We have seen people waste a lot of money on decorations. You don’t need to hire a specialist room decoration company. You can get tons of decorations on Amazon for £10 and those are enough to make things look fabulous.

Buffets are a thing of the past. In fact, there is a lot of food wastage in a buffet. A good option is snack boxes. There is almost no mess as kids can pick up a snack box without lining up. It also makes cleaning easy.

If you don’t like the idea of snack boxes, maybe you would want to order pizza directly to the venue. Ordering pizza straight to the party venue is quick and easy. What’s best about having pizza is that kids love pizza.

Provide the necessary information to the other parents about the venue. Make sure the address is right and the postcode works with sat navs. We have been to many such parties where people are not able to reach on time as they couldn’t find the location. Make sure it is easy for guests to identify the venue. Consider putting a big sign outside saying ‘Party Here’ or have some balloons outside the venue. It will be easier for people to find the location in this manner.