The Best Super Lemon Haze oil Cartridge in the UK

It is a lot more popular in the US to vape high concentration cannabis extract (be that CBD or THC) where the CBD vape oil is undiluted by any other liquids such as PG, VG or MCT oil. However, this is not as prevalent or easy to come by in the UK. Over here and in Europe more widely, the market tends to favour less high in CBD vape cartridges using an e liquid base as in a mix of PG and VG with the CBD dissolved into the solution. Given this, I wanted to write a post about where to look if you are on the search for the best high in CBD vape cartridges in the UK. 

So, there are really two main types of CBD vape cartridges you can choose to vape – a CBD e liquid and CBD vape oil cartridge. In a CBD e liquid vape cartridge the CBD is much more diluted down and so the strength tends to range from between 5 – 10%. This is perfect if you are looking for a lighter vape that you can have throughout the day.  However, if, like me, you would prefer something a bit stronger – in that you do not have to vape as frequently, but when you do it packs more of a hit, I would suggest the second type of CBD vape cartridge – a CBD vape oil cartridge. 

As I first mentioned, CBD oil cartridges are usually / should just be hemp extract, natural terpenes and nothing else. Given this consistency and the CBD not being diluted down by any cutting agents it’s firstly the more natural way to vape CBD and, secondly, why it is a lot stronger and so what we are referring to if you are looking for a high in CBD vape cartridge. CBD vape oil cartridges tend to range in strength from 55-70% CBD. 

Quick aside, but related – it is important to know that if you decide to go with a high in CBD vape cartridge given that these vape cartridges will contain distillate CBD oil, you will need to make sure you have a device that is able to heat up the less viscous, sticky oil. For CBD e liquids, you can use the same device you would use for vaping more traditional e liquids, but CBD vape oil requires a more powerful device. So make sure to look for a vape device that is specifically designed for being able to heat up oils – preheat functionality and variable voltage are two features that would be good to make sure your device has. When looking online, type in “cannabis vape pen” as that is often the name given specifically to vaping devices that are used specifically to vape high concentration cannabis extracts. 

I like for my CBD vape cartridges to taste more like the real thing so I much prefer weed or marijuana flavoured vape liquids. If you are the same, you’ll want to look for vape cartridges that are blended with natural terpenes rather than artificial flavouring. These types of vape cartridges will usually be named after the cannabis strains that the terpenes are derived from. My favourite cannabis strain is super lemon haze – herbaceous with a nice citrusy edge. 

I recently came across a great new high concentration CBD vape cartridge made by the guys at Paso. They appear to be a new CBD brand over here in the UK. They sell CBD vape products and CBD edibles. Their CBD vape oil cartridge is 65% CBD and CBG (another cannabinoid that’s been getting more air time recently and is supposedly great at enhancing the effects of the CBD). And, lucky for me and my taste buds, they have a super lemon haze oil cartridge called Citrus Eclipse. They also have a range of CBD e liquid vape cartridges and their CBD vape pen works for both types of CBD vape liquids which solves that conundrum for you if you can’t pick between both! 

Shout if you have any other suggestions for good high concentration CBD vape cartridges in the UK!