Studies say that about 50% of the Australian population have jobs that involve sitting at desks at some point in time. Sitting for a long duration can have many negative impacts on a person’s health. This is due to the insufficient muscle activity caused due to lack of movement. The tendency to sit in one posture throughout the day can cause problems due to low energy expenditure. It can create health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetics, mental health problems, and many more.

It is why most office spaces prefer standing desks in Australia these days. They raise the level of computers or desks to a position convenient to work in and stand according to their preference. In 2002, about 20% of Australia’s working population complained about nagging back pain caused by sitting for an extended period. In 2011 a survey by ‘Take a Stand Project” reported that 50% of the desk users admitted to having reduced back pain after using Standing desks in Australia.

This article will give a brief idea of the use of standing desks, their types, and the positive impact they can have on people.

Types of Standing Desks

The basic purpose of a standing desk is to be able to work while standing. However, different styles are available in these desks and add-on features, which give an innovative twist to the designs. The different types of standing desks include

  1. Fixed Height Standing Desks:

    They come with one standard height that is non-alterable.

  2. Sit-Stand Desks:

    These are adaptive desks, which one can adjust according to their convenience, to sit or stand.

  3. Power Sit-stand Desks:

    These desks have an automatic button, which can transform them into the standing or sitting variety. This is unlike the sit-stand desks, which one has to lift manually with a handle or a lever.

The capacity of a standing desk varies from 100 to 160kgs. A standard height range of a standing desk is from 720mm to 1200mm. They should be stable on all sides with no scope to wobble to any side. A standard standing desk should weigh a bit; extremely light-weight ones would be cheap and of low quality. The standard size of the frame should be 88mm *50mm, and low-quality frames are easy to spot if the supplier hesitates to reveal the size of the leg column.

Cost of Standing Desks

There are a lot of online platforms where good quality standing desks are available. Even though a basic standing desk costs about $400, online purchasing websites like Elite Office Furniture offer them a discounted rate. The price of a basic fixed height standing desk starts from $349. However, a sophisticated one with more features amounts to at least $3500.

Standing for a long time can also cause health issues, and experts say that one much practice both standing and sitting several times a day alternatively. However, adjustable standing desks will solve this problem easily. There are other variations of standing desks, such as the treadmill desk, where the user can walk while they work.

Reasons to Buy a Standing Desk

  1. Increase in Productivity: Australia has reported a 45% increase in daily productivity in companies that use a standing desk. It keeps the people on their feet and on the lookout to finish their work with more concentration.
  2. Reduced Stress Levels: Studies have found that 33% of participants who use a standing desk feel less stressed out. They can stretch out their tired muscles and shake off their frustration.

Fewer Health Issues:

Standing Desks help reduce people’s back pain and burn more calories. It has led to a decrease in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other related problems.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.