Smoking Substitutes

Smoking Substitutes: The Modern Way to Quit Smoking

“Smoking Kills”, “Smoking Causes Cancer” these lines are mentioned on every package of cigarette products with a related picture as well. But still, people ignore it and inhale the tobacco smoke straight into their lungs. Meanwhile, some people want to quit smoking, but they are too addicted to quit. But, there is an easier way to quit smoking, using the substitutes to cigarettes from Smokefree Clinic or similar centres. As every person is different, there would be a different method suitable for each person to quit smoking, and this is where these clinics come into the picture. They prescribe a variety of vaping products, therapies, and medications to help one quit the habit of smoking.

What Do the Figures Tell?

Long-term smoking can lead to death in most cases. Moreover, the leading preventable cause of death and disease in Australia is Tobacco Smoking. Smoking addiction is increasing day by day, especially among young adults. And according to smoking statistics, around 15% of people aged 18 or more smoked in 2019, which sits around a figure close to 2.5 Million. Not only that, the Cancer Council of Australia has stated that smoking causes 24000 deaths every year, which averages to about 65 preventable deaths per day.

Substitutes to Cigarettes

Nicotine Vaping Products(NVP) or e-Cigarettes are the substitutes to cigarettes from Smokefree Clinic as well as from other such centres. These are provided as a substitute for regular organic material-based cigarettes prescribed to assist in Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy(INRT). These are very supportive even if a person has already tried to quit smoking using traditional methods but remained unsuccessful.

What Are Nicotine Vaping Products?

Nicotine vaping products are an alternative to cigarettes. And instead of using traditional organic materials like paper or tobacco, nicotine vaping products use batteries to burn an e-liquid using heat, which results in a product known as an aerosol. These vapours mimic the act of smoking a regular cigarette. Meanwhile, it does not produce smoke, making it beneficial for passive smokers too. And using vaping products is way less harmful and helps a person quit their smoking habits.

What Is E-Liquid?

The liquid substance found in Nicotine vaping products is called e-liquid. This e-liquid is soaked into a cotton wick and placed inside the vaping product. It gets warm with the help of a battery-powered coil wrapped around the wick, which in turn heats the e-liquid, producing aerosol mimicking the cigarette smoke. Meanwhile, the e-liquid contains the following elements:

Nicotine: It is a pharmaceutical drug compound commonly found inside tobacco products. It is addictive and is used in small proportions to act as a stimulant. And it is included in the form of either freebase nicotine or as a nicotine salt.

Polypropylene Glycol: It is a chemical compound that is commonly used as adhesive in packaging food products. It is also used in a large number of medications and many Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT).

Vegetable Glycerin: It is a naturally derived compound. It is utilised for various things, like food and cosmetic products. Moreover, it is used for various medical applications as well. It has the benefits of softening and lubrication.

Flavourings: These are used in almost every e-liquid. It is nothing but an approved food additive providing different flavours of vaping products to the consumer.

The e-liquid fueled Nicotine Vaping Products are absolute substitutes to cigarettes. They are considered very useful in quitting the habit of smoking. Meanwhile, one should keep in mind that the Australian Government will be implementing new laws. According to these laws, one requires a prescription from a certified doctor to use or possess nicotine-containing products for smoking cessations. So, you should consult a doctor before adopting this method of quitting smoking.

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