Sex Toys

Sex Toys: What You Ought to Know

People often proudly boast when purchasing a new television set or a new laptop. They make sure that their friends and relatives know about the same. But when someone wants to order a vibrator from brands like Wildsecrets, they do it on the hush-hush. The order is placed online, and the delivery guy is given special instructions.

No Facebook posts. No twitter boasts. That’s the power of shame brought to you by sex toys.

For others, purchasing a sex toy is the equivalent of keeping secrets. It excites them all the more to keep it to themselves.

But what is causing this embarrassment?

Everyone Seems to Be Using Them!

The global sex industry was valued at a whopping $15.2 billion in 2017. According to the same report, a little under 40% of New Zealanders own vibrators. What’s even more surprising is this makes NZ the number one country in terms of vibrator ownership.

Granted, it would make no sense to stand on your rooftop and proudly proclaim that you own a sex toy. Even so, just getting red at the mere mention of one is alarming and needs to be addressed.

Why Are Sex Toys So Popular?

As the world is turning more liberal, the idea of sex is no longer frowned upon. On the contrary, individuals are always looking for ways to spice up their intimate life. Also, sex toys are so diverse that they cater to both singles and couples. But why are they considered unique?


Of course, the most significant factor is the convenience they offer. You cannot always expect your partner to be up for intercourse. On the other hand, you can use sex toys like vibrators and dildos according to your convenience.


You can take your sex toy anywhere! There is no hassle of keeping them stored in a single place. You can take them on the go and use them even if you are not at home. Plus, they come in small sizes to not be noticeable.


Have you ever been curious about the working of a sex toy? Many people have, and curiosity is a force that drives sales even further! So, whether through browsing offline stores or window shopping, it is easy to be curious about a toy.

Then Why the Shame?

In the traditional society, where sex is a topic meant for bedrooms, sex toys have yet to fit in. The general public is quick to judge someone coming out of a sex toy store. As a result, many brands like Wildsecrets decided to also sell their products online. And by doing so, their sales are guaranteed without the additional judgemental eye.

As popular media evolves, the stigma around previously sensitive topics is being done away with. The general public is trying to be more empathetic but is not wholly able to do so. The generation gap also plays a significant role here. It is difficult to break out of the atmosphere you were raised in, and change is difficult.

No matter how vocal the minority feels, sex toys represent a booming business. The industry earns significant revenues and hence, is impossible to ignore. As such, as people grow more comfortable talking about sex with their friends, one will observe a gradual shift. After all, Rome didn’t fall in a day.

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