Pros and Cons of Vaping E Liquid In Your Lifestyle

There are a series of mixed opinions about vaping, with many articles online singing the praise and health benefits of vaping and vice versa.

When you consider the rules and regulations as well, most smoking laws apply to vape as well. This complicates matters, for anyone thinking of switching to vaping.

Vaping, however, is a worthy alternative compared to smoking. With this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of vaping. We hope that this article will be an eye-opener for anyone that wants to consider vaping.

Pros of Vaping 

  • It is Safer than Cigarette

When you consider all the hazardous compounds released from the nicotine combustion, it will make you cringe. In addition to that, when these harmful compounds get to the body, they affect various body organs like especially the lungs and skin.    

Compared to smoking, vaping, however, is 95% safe. Also, vaping is smoke-free since there is no combustion which could trigger harmful residues. With this, the probability of having a damaged lung, heart, or other skin issues due to smoking reduces tremendously.

  • You Control Your Nicotine Intake

When you vape, you are in total control of the nicotine intake. You can even choose e-juices free of nicotine. Also, .you can select the exact nicotine content you want in your vape

For smokers trying to quit, they can start with high nicotine content. With time, they can gradually taper off nicotine consumption until they can vape without it.

  • You can Control Your Vapor Output.

One of the major strong points of vaping is that vapers can control what they exhale. There is the option to use covering vapes to limit the quantity of vapor you give out. For people who like blowing a massive cloud of vapor, there are devices (like high powered mods) that make this possible.

With vaping, you are in control of the airflow and power output. The nature of the coil you use also allows you to control the vape. This feature is a perfect option for discreet vapers.

  • There are Varieties To Choose From

Apple? Orange? Citrus? Raspberry? Whatever your favorite flavor is, be sure there is an e juice. Even if there is not, there will be a substitute that will satisfy you. Even if you are an avid tobacco smoker, there are a series of similar liquids you can go with. 

Kingston e-liquid and other top vaping juice companies stand out for their range of satisfying flavors. 

In addition to flavors, you get to choose from various vape pens, vape mods, and e-cigarettes available. The selection is endless. 

  • Vaping is Affordable

For veteran smokers that smoke a stick per day, the cost can quickly add up, rising to hundreds of dollars in a month.

With the initial investment in a vaping gear out of the way, vaping is cheap. With many vaping brands coming up, prices are reasonable, giving vapers a range of options.

Depending on your smoking rate, a typical e-liquid can last a while. The implication of this is that you do not need to buy a flavor every week. This drastically reduces the cost implications of vaping. 

Cons of Vaping 

As fascinating and attractive as the benefits of vaping are, it does come with some drawbacks. A quick insight into the disadvantages are:

  • Getting the Right Choice

The wide availability of varieties could be a disadvantage for some people. When you consider the series of products available, selection could be overwhelming. Finding the perfect brand or e-juice that gets your motor running might take a lot of trial and error. 

With new brands rising every day, getting one that suits you becomes more tedious. Experimenting with various brands and flavors can help with this. The question is: How many brands will you try before you get a perfect choice?

  • High Initial Cost 

For the first-time vapers, you need to invest in many things like the e-cigarette, and other accessories. The cost could be quite high for some people. This, most times, is a one- time investment. The only recurring expense is the e-juice which comes at a reasonable price when you buy in bulk.

  • Vaping Perception

The same law that applies to smoke tobacco in public areas applies to vaping as well. Society treats vapers the same way as a smoker. As a result, many places don’t allow vaping where smoking is prohibited.

You might not be allowed to vape in public in many states. Also, if you want to vape in restaurants or cafes, you might have to go outside.

  • Possibility of Having Dry Mouth

Bear in mind that nicotine is a stimulant. The implication of this is that when you take it, your body will expel fluids. This is why many people have a dry mouth after vaping. With a bottle of water handy, you can counter this issue.  

Some people might find the dry mouth so irritating that they resort to smoking. 

  • You need to be Mindful of the Battery.

The presence of a battery in a vaping device calls for extra care. Many issues can develop with the battery; it can overheat and explode if handled poorly. Poor storage can also trigger fire accidents. While these incidents are rare, it calls for caution as well. With this, you should store your products carefully and buy only high-quality vape devices.


When you consider the pros and cons of vaping, it is clear that it is a pretty healthier option compared to smoking. Vaping is, however, not risk-free. The disadvantages, however, are manageable, and there is no severe health effect discovered yet.

With this, be sure you have a good knowledge of the pros and cons of vaping if you consider vaping as an option.