Prepare For a Successful Summer

Prepare For a Successful Summer: Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD

Summer is approaching quickly, which means the kids are out of school. If you have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you may not be looking forward to this time. The days can get long, and the lack of routine can aggravate symptoms, even with the best ADHD medication for child with anxiety. The key to a good summer is to balance routine with fun.

Plan Fun Activities

Talk with your child about what types of activities he or she would like to do. Get out an oversized calendar and plan activities for each day, spacing them out evenly. This helps structure your child’s time and lets your child get excited about upcoming fun things.

Summer means nice weather, so make sure many of the activities are outdoors. This may include riding bikes, hiking in the woods, swimming at the pool, going to the beach, or playing ball in the park. Depending on your child’s interests, other ideas for summer activities include arts and crafts, going to a museum, or story time at the library. If your budget allows, it is also a good idea to sign up for some summer classes or a summer camp.

Set A Daily Schedule

You may notice that anxiety 6 year old symptoms increase when there is not a set routine. Even though it is summer, it is important to set a schedule every day. Start with a sleep schedule, as sleep is extremely important for those with ADHD. Although it may be hard to get your child to go to bed at the same time as during the school year, set a goal for bedtime and use a similar nighttime routine. Instead of having a sleep deadline, aim for a two-hour range, such as between 7:30 and 9:30 PM. Make sure wake up time is the same, allowing for some flexibility.

Along with scheduling fun activities, set a schedule for reading and other learning activities. It is also important to schedule social time for your child.

Allow for Some Unstructured Time

Although you should plan much of the day, you should also leave some openings for free play. Kids who have ADHD need time to be creative. Let your child entertain him- or herself, which also gives you a break. It is also ok and important to plan for relaxation time.

Continue with a Healthy Diet

Summer is often the time when kids eat more junk food. However, when you read Brillia reviews from parents, you probably discover that ADHD meds and coping strategies work better when children eat healthy. Brain chemicals are greatly impacted by diet, so make sure the snacks and meals your child eats contain vitamins and other essential nutrients.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are in season during the summer months. Take your child to a farmer’s market and pick out things together. Make fruit kabobs, homemade popsicles, and vegetable plates. Allow your child a special treat every once in a while, but do not make it a habit.