Online Bill Payments

Online Bill Payments now Made Faster and Safer

BSNL, or the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., has been in operation since 2000 as one of India’s premier telecom service providers. Based in New Delhi, the public sector undertaking is a leading and probably the biggest telecommunication operator in the country. As its distinct service points, the company is a provider of landline and mobile communication.

To keep enjoying the services from BSNL without any interruption and hassle-free, users need to keep paying their bills on time. Bill payment applies to landline and postpaid mobile consumers. Remembering the deadline or the D-date for bill payment can be quite bothersome. Many maintain a dairy or put on a sticker on office boards to remember to do so. Some do nothing and obviously tend to forget the date, thereby risking the chance of getting their numbers disconnected and non-operational. These scenarios are true if you are a subscriber who has still not started to use the online BSNL bill payment facility.

Online bill payment versus offline payments

Today, BSNL subscribers can choose between paying online and offline in the physical world, thanks to technology. The question, however, is of convenience and maintaining a record and which of the two methods make life simpler for you.

Let’s compare the two payment methods to understand why more and more people are signing up either BSNL or downloading payment and UPI apps to make online bills payments.

  1. Speed- Compared to paying in real-time, where subscribers need to reach the BSNL regional office physically, you need to reach the virtual address of the service provider for online payments. Traveling to the BSNL office and the payment counter could mean hours or minutes depending on where you stay and the traffic conditions of your place, but reaching the website or app or the payment page of BSNL in the virtual world takes less than a few seconds.

Next, paying in the offline world meant standing in queues to get to your turn; but, paying online means no queues – simple use of your fingers to open a few windows on your browser or click open the payment app.

Evidently, online bill payment is an activity that is powered by speed, ensuring that you finish the activity easily within seconds or minutes. It is the reason why online bill payment is so convenient; undoubtedly, attracting millions of customers every day to finish an important activity hassle-free.

  1. Safety- Paying in the offline world means using either cash, cheque, or cards. Whichever way you choose to pay, you need to carry your wallet. The risk of losing or misplacing your wallet is always applicable. Plus, if you are using public transport, the likelihood of the wallet getting stolen is also high. Thankfully, when you choose to pay online, you are saved from all these aspects. All you need is a digital wallet or use your bank account directly to pay. You can also use your credit and debit cards for easy and safe payment.

You will be prompted to enter your bank account or card details to complete the transaction on the payment page. If you use a payment app with a digital wallet service, you can sign in and register to use the virtual wallet for easy payments.

The question is – is the digital wallet safe, or is it risk-free to enter your bank and card details? The answer is – yes, it is safe as long as you take the right precautions. Digital wallets use encrypted technology and two-factor authentication; hence, these are extremely safe. The same is the case with payment gateways that process the financial communication between your bank/credit card company and the merchant’s bank. As technology evolves, the entire gamut of online payments becomes safer with newer innovations and advancements.

  1. Sustainability- While these two points distinctly point towards the online medium being a great advantage for subscribers, it is important to use it responsibly for best results. BSNL online recharge and bill payments are also sustainable methods – they help support the transition towards a paperless economy. It means reduced cutting of trees and paper production; impact every individual’s carbon footprint on the Earth.


The online world, for sure, is safer and faster. But, ensure that prior to using the online medium, you read the directions carefully – it is highly advised to take the help of an individual who is experienced in using payment apps and online payments.