Choosing a Payment Gateway

Mistakes To Avoid Before Choosing a Payment Gateway

Online payments have become a part of regular life for most people. Almost every online purchase today is completed with online payment. As a result, most businesses have started using a payment gateway to collect payments from their customers. However, with several payment gateway services available in the market, it can be confusing for businesses looking to make a move. Although a payment gateway can shorten the payment collection process, choosing the right gateway partner may hamper the growth of the business and erode the coffers. Thus, it becomes crucial for businesses to avoid mistakes when choosing the right payment gateway.

What to avoid when choosing the payment gateway?

  • Not Checking the Price Plan

Getting attracted to low costs is ingrained in the human mind. A lot of unreliable payment gateway services usually exploit this mindset and quote low recurring fees for the gateways. The actual price remains hidden within the fine print, which the merchant comes to know when it’s too late. To avoid this, thorough research must be conducted before choosing any gateway. The costs are usually divided into set up, transaction, maintenance, and any other additional charges. A low cost is generally a red flag as it comes with higher processing fees. However, few services like Zaakpay offer transparent and affordable pricing.

  • Not Supporting Major Payment Options

Online payments can be made through any of the multiple payment modes on offer. Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, mobile wallets are a few standard options. If the gateway lacks support for any of these major payment modes, the business is sure to take a hit in its revenue. It is a major mistake for a merchant to accept a payment gateway that lacks support. To avoid this, the merchant must confirm the supported payment options before signing up.

  • Not Checking Integration Options

It would have to be integrated into the business website to get started with collecting payments via a payment gateway in India. If the gateway is not designed in a developer-friendly manner, it may not also support the website platform, and integration might require a software engineer or a professional coder. Not checking integration options on a payment gateway before signing up can put the merchant in a situation where integration becomes a mammoth task. Additionally, the merchant should also check the difficulty of the integration process. It can become a problem later if it requires too much technical expertise. Small businesses should opt for payment gateway services like Zaakpay that have pre-built plugins for all major website platforms.

  • Not Checking Security Features

The business would lose out on sales with an insecure gateway. Most customers will cancel the payment if the gateway appears shady to them. An insecure gateway would be vulnerable to cyber-attacks which can compromise the safety of the customers and merchants. Any loss of data can also lead to a blot on the credibility of the business. It is best to choose a PCI DSS gateway (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as it encrypts the customer’s data. The logos and seals-of-trust of the certifications the gateway supports can be displayed to assure the customers.

  • Not Checking The Service Provider’s Customer Support

Customer support is essential to online payments. A customer might encounter a problem in the transaction even at night. Not having a 24/7 dedicated customer support system can lead to unsatisfied customers. Resolving queries quickly will not only add to customer satisfaction but will also lead to better sales. Even the merchant might need to check with customer support to track down suspicious or incomplete transactions or other technical reasons. Among the payment gateways in India, Zaakpay has a commendable customer support system that is open 24/7 to merchants and consumers.

  • Ignoring Check-Out Experience

Providing a seamless and uncomplicated checkout experience to the customers is imperative to securing more sales. Ignoring the experience while selecting the payment gateway can cost a lot to the business later on. A gateway with the facility of guest checkout encourages more sales. Customers also do not appreciate getting redirected. The attempt should be to minimize redirects as much as possible.

  • Not Branding the Gateway

Many merchants do not realize the importance of having a consistent experience across their websites. This can make the customers feel out-of-place. It is best to choose a gateway that allows the merchants to customize the gateway page with logos and colors to give a similar look to the rest of the website. This makes it more pleasing for the customers.


Choosing the right payment solution from the payment gateways in India can be a daunting task for many merchants. By avoiding common mistakes, merchants can easily make that choice. For small businesses, Zaakpay is one of the leading gateway services that meets all requirements.