How to Style Menswear and Feel Fantastic

How to Style Menswear and Feel Fantastic

Slowly, over the years, the boundaries around what people can and cannot wear are being broken down to make way for more creativity and fun. Fashion is focusing more on playfulness than rules and rigidity nowadays, which is why the popular fashion magazines around the world have frequently featured women wearing men’s clothes as a symbol of subversion and edginess. If you are interested in adding more masculine touches to your style, take a look at some of these tips to find inspiration.

Research Masculine Style Icons

If you want to start incorporating more masculine elements into your outfits, a great way to begin is to research some fashion icons who show off manly or androgynous looks. Are there any classic movie stars or musicians who inspire you? What about characters in popular media? Pay attention to all the places you notice menswear being worn, including by men, and you’ll start to see that it’s been popular for a while now for different people to adopt more masculine looks.

Add Small Elements to a Feminine Look

Perhaps your existing style is relatively feminine. If this is the case, you can start introducing aspects of menswear by adding small details to your otherwise feminine outfits. For example, cufflinks on an elegant blouse or an oversized blazer with a dress. Even your accessories can help to add a touch of masculinity to your outfit. Titanium rings for men are a sleek and impressive accessory to any look. Plus, they make excellent gifts for the men in your life.

Remember Your Silhouette

If you enjoy the interplay between feminine and masculine shapes in fashion, you will want to pay attention to your silhouette when constructing outfits with a blend of menswear and womenswear. Take into account your usual figure, then come up with ways to use the shapes of your clothing pieces to balance each other out. For example, a tight pencil skirt can look great with a boxy men’s jacket. Similarly, loose men’s pants and a feminine blouse can create an appealing silhouette to enhance both aspects of the outfit.

Consider Different Footwear

How you choose your footwear for each outfit can be another fun way to bring more masculine pieces into your wardrobe. A floaty dress with combat boots or a crisp suit with high heels are both great examples of masculine or feminine footwear responding to and subverting the rest of the outfit. Just be aware that shoe sizes can be restrictive when looking for footwear across the gender divide in stores.

Go All In

Perhaps adding small touches here and there isn’t satisfying your craving for menswear in your wardrobe. Instead of trying to balance your masculine pieces with feminine ones, choose to commit to the androgynous look. Why not try creating outfits entirely with masculine pieces and forget all the rules of fashion? After all, how you want to express yourself is nobody else’s business. Have fun and see where your creativity leads you.