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How to Store Your Kratom Powder, So It Stays Fresh?

So, you have discovered Kratom’s wondrous benefits, and it now forms an important part of life. After all, it relieves your pain and digestive ailments, and even uplifts your mood. What’s not to like, right?

And, to keep a good supply of Kratom always near at hand, you must have bought a fairly large batch of the powder. Now, the problem is: how to store such a big batch so that the freshness stays intact?

The Kratom powder is a botanical element, and it will lose the beneficial properties if not properly stored.

But, you have nothing to worry about, as here are some handy tips to help you store Kratom powder to make it stay fresh for a long time.

Keep the Kratom Powder in Airtight Containers:

Kratom is highly sensitive to the influences of environmental elements like heat and moisture. So, the easiest way to prevent it from getting contaminated is to cut off its contact with the outside world. 

The best thing to do would be to use a container to seal the powder inside tightly and securely. Any jar with a tight lid or even reusable plastic containers can get the job done. Using any vacuum seal bags or plastic bags with the zip will also be effective. After keeping the powder into these bags, press them down to get rid of any excess air and close them tightly. 

Keep the Storage Container Away From Direct Sunlight

The best containers to store white vein kratom are brown amber jars or any other opaque container. If you can’t get hold of such storage containers, at least make sure to keep the powder as far away from direct sunlight as possible. Sunlight will affect the Kratom powder’s quality by breaking the alkaloids present in it and making it less potent.

Do Not Let the Kratom Powder Breathe:

Kratom powder is made by grinding up dried leaves, and thus, you don’t need to let the product breathe while in storage. Storing the Kratom openly and letting it come in contact with air will create two problems: 

  • The open-air might contaminate the powder and reduce its benefits.
  • The fresh oxygen might destroy the antioxidants contained in the powder.

Thus, don’t forget to shut that lid on the container well after every use.

Make Sure That the Powder Is Dry:

Any kind of moisture will not just clump the powder and damage its consistency, but undried Kratom powder is also the breeding ground for mold. So, even putting the wet spoon accidentally inside the container once can damage the powder.

Mold ruins any strain of Kratom and becomes a health hazard for the user. Do not try to consume the rest of the powder if you notice the growth of even small amounts of mold at any part.

Avoid Using Other Fancy Equipment for Storing Kratom:

People have this wrong notion that all kinds of vegetation can be stored in the same way. But, if you are trying to store fresh Kratom powder and Kratom for Energy in the same way as aged tobacco, you are in for a disaster.

Fancy cigar humidors will do nothing but ruin the freshness of the powder. Let those cedar-lined cabinets be used only for the cigars. 

Let the Storage Temperature Be Cool and Stable:

Kratom does not respond well to major temperature changes. If you keep subjecting your Kratom stash to constant temperature swings, you will notice that condensation is forming inside that container.

Just keep the temperature stable in the room where you keep the containers, and also, a bit on the cooler side will keep your Kratom fresh for long. Avoid placing your Kratom powder container is places where temperature frequently fluctuates, such as:

  • Above the refrigerator back.
  • Near the HVAC vents
  • In cabinets over the dryers in the laundry room

Divide the Large Supply into Smaller Packages

If you have bought a mega batch of Kratom powder, the best thing you can do is store it in smaller containers based on your weekly requirements. 

This way, the powder’s freshness will stay intact, and it will be easier for you to get the amount that you need daily. There is no point in hauling a big bag of Kratom powder out of the cupboard every day.

Store the Powder by Making the Tea

Finally, an easy way to store Kratom powder is to make a large batch of tea out of it. You can just put the tea in a plastic container and thaw it for later use. Freezing the tea will save a lot of your weekly prep time and keep the Kratom fresh for use.


The simple fact is that your Kratom will treat your right when you store it right. It wouldn’t matter how much of a large batch you buy if your storage techniques are not faulty. Improper storage of Kratom will make its active ingredient mitragynine turn into mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, thereby reducing its effectiveness. So, keep the tips given above in mind, and store the powder well.