Fashion Instagram Account

How to Grow a Fashion Instagram Account

  1. Pick Your Style 

Do not just post your selfies and food photos on your Instagram account. Instead, pick your style and use your Instagram account to share your style. Creating your style can help you grow your Instagram account. If you are yourself, you are more likely to get more followers. 

Do not imitate the style of other people. If you are imitating other people, people might not identify with who you really are. If people like your style, they will follow your Instagram account.  

It is also essential to have a theme. The theme can add personality and character to your wardrobe. For example, you can go for a dark look or a warm tone. Keep the same editing, composition, and light approach across your photos to ensure consistent and beautiful visual content. Maintaining consistency in your content can get you more followers. 

It is, therefore, essential to pick the right style before posting on Instagram. Once you pick your style, you need to stick to it. 

  1. Keep Your Content Consistent 

When someone lands on your Instagram account, they should recognize your feed, bio, and profile photo. It is, therefore, crucial to customize your feed, bio, and profile photo at the beginning. It is even better to use your own photo as your profile picture, especially for your private account. Use your own photos to help people understand what you look like. 

People check Instagram bio when they visit Instagram profiles. Use your Instagram bio to create a good first impression. Take your time to make your bio great. It is the first thing people read when they visit your Instagram profile. 

Here is how to make your Instagram bio stand out: 

  • Use your favorite quote 
  • Use emojis 
  • Separate sentences using parallel bars 
  • Create and use a hashtag 
  • Use the right keywords 
  • Mention your skills and niche 
  • Choose a unique font

The feed is the photos and videos you are posting on your Instagram account. The way your feed looks can help you attract more clients. You need to post a variety of photos and even videos. You can post photos of yourself, some photos of your friends, landscape photos, food photos, and cute quotes. You can even edit your photos with your favorite color or combine different colors to make your photos look beautiful together. 

  1. Pick Your Niche 

You need to pick a niche for your Instagram account. If you want to enter the fashion field, you can pick a subcategory in the fashion field. The subcategories of the fashion field include; Cloth styles, Art + Style, Beauty + Style, Shoes, Hats, Jewelry, handbags, beauty brands, and many more. Pick the niche you really love. You can ask yourself the following questions to help you pick the right niche. 

What do you like to do the most? 

What are the things you are knowledgeable about? 

What type of content can you consistently produce without spending too much money? 

It can take time to pick the right niche. So, do not rush to choose your niche. It is best to pick something you are interested in. You can even follow the content pillars, like Amy Bell and Gemma Talbot, to help you pick the right niche for your Instagram account. 

Picking the right niche can make it easy to produce content consistently. 

  1. Create Your Theme 

It is essential to create a theme for your fashion Instagram profile. A theme can help you get more followers. Creating your theme can help you choose the best outfits for your shoots. 

You will always focus on your theme. So, you will always know what types of photos to post on your Instagram account. It is easy to choose a theme for an Instagram account. It can save you time and even money. 

A theme can even help you build your brand. It makes it easy for your followers to identify your brand. If you post photos with the same theme, people will associate you with your theme. If they see photos with your theme, they can easily recognize your Instagram posts. 

Instagram users will visit your profile. If they like your theme, they are more likely to follow. In fact, they might like and comment on your posts. Increasing your engagement on Instagram can help you attract more people. 

Your theme can make your Instagram profile friendly and welcoming to your profile viewers. Prospective followers will know what to expect from your Instagram account. Therefore, take your time to choose the perfect theme for your Instagram account. Your theme can help you get more followers. 

  1. Post Consistently

It is essential to post new content consistently. If you are not posting new content, people might lose interest in your profile. However, posting new content encourages people to visit your profile regularly. If you have millions of fans, they will always wait for your new posts. In fact, posting consistently can help you get more followers. 

Do not, however, spam your Instagram page. Do not post new posts every day. You need to post new posts regularly and at peak posting time to help you reach your target audience. Irregular posting can make your followers lose interest in your account. They might even unfollow your account. 

Use tools to help you post new posts and grow your Instagram account. Use scheduling tools, such as Buffer, Later, Iconosquare, etc., to schedule your posts. These tools can help you post new content regularly. Do not forget to use hashtags in your posts. It is much better to post new content once or twice a day. 

Use scheduling tools to manage your Instagram account. If you have a fashion Instagram account, you need to focus on jewelry, beauty, style, and many more. So, plan your Instagram photos for the whole week. Here is what your content schedule can look like: 

  • Monday – Casual outfit 
  • Tuesday – Fashion accessories 
  • Wednesday – Workwear outfit 
  • Thursday – Evening outfit 
  • Friday – Weekend outfit 
  • Saturday – Fashion styles
  • Sunday – Favorite makeup items 
  1. Create Epic Content 

Instagram is perfect for people and businesses in the fashion industry. You, however, need to create epic content for your Instagram account. Your Instagram posts should resonate with your target audience. It is best to post beautiful images on your Instagram account. Creating epic content for your Instagram account can help you get more followers as can

Share unique content and even behind the scene photos. Share your photos and short videos on your feed and stories. Creating unique content can help you stand out in the fashion industry.