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How to Get Your Writing Published Online

It’s an honor for a writer to get his work published. There was a time when this opportunity was limited to just hard books, and you needed a popular book publisher to help achieve this goal. Life is no more that difficult, all thanks to the internet. 

Today, there are millions of blogs that get more views that most books get. It means you get the same exposure with less difficulty. This article briefly discusses how you can get your articles published on the internet. 

Make a List of Website

Make a list of websites that get a lot of traffic and where you would want your article published. It is suggested not to opt for big platforms like Forbes and NYTimes since you are just beginning. 

Look for sites where you feel your articles belong. You can read their already published articles and get an idea of what kind of writing they will publish. 

Write Authentic Piece

Once you have decided on the websites, you need to decide what you want to write about. You should write about something that you like and where you already have a lot of knowledge and experience. 

Writing about something you are familiar with makes your writing more valuable and attractive. Make sure you do thorough research and then contact the publishers. 

Reach Out to Bloggers with a Pitch

If you have a story that is unique and useful, you should reach out to John Doe. They publish real experiences even if they go against the conventions to bring out the real truth. Furthermore, you need to write an attractive email that describes why publishers should consider publishing your article. 

Keep it as short as possible and the reader should feel like you wrote it only for him. This pitch determines how many people will be interested in reading your article.