Perfect Sunglasses

How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses

When it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses, there are many factors to consider. Like, whether one is colour-blind or otherwise incapable of adequately assessing their face type. One can’t afford to buy the wrong set. Sunglasses are an accessory, and their beauty enhances when their structure matches that of the face. These vary in style, size, shape and price. From fashion and design to lens coverage, they can take on a variety of shapes. But what’s most important is that they offer the best solution for the face type. Key areas of consideration when picking out the perfect pair include frames, lenses, and the manufacturer. A lot of online sellers such as oakley sunglasses are there to provide a variety of sunglasses plus frames of different sizes and shapes.

Suitable Sunglasses for your Face shape

Finding the best sunglasses that go with one’s face structure does not have to be a stressful process. Choosing sunglasses is all about size, style and shade, but mostly on face structuring. Every video, blog post and infographic that one can find about buying sunglasses specifies that everyone should check their face and choose their shades accordingly.

But the point is that most people’s faces are not shaped like exact triangles or circles. Most people do not fall into one category, and that’s why the facial type method of choosing sunglasses is simply confusing. One should forget about the exact face type and instead focus on these significant three things:

  • Face width: Many people wear very wide sunglasses on their faces, which produces a distorted look. If someone has a small face, it is best to wear small-sized sunglasses.
  • Face length: Face length is the distance from the hairline to the bottom of the chin. If the face length is the same as the width, one has a shorter face. If someone’s face is much longer than its width, then they have a longer face.
  • Facial features: When people talk about a round face compared to a square, they are really trying to describe facial features. These features are determined by factors such as bone structure and muscle fat. Some lines are soft and curved, while others are straight and angular. Hence cat-eye sunglasses look the best in straight and sharp faces, while a curved face should go for rounded glasses. Also, this one is the safest, to begin with.

Other than these three important factors, one can even determine which sunglasses one should go for by taking a look at their sweet eye area coverage. The sunglasses should touch the centre of one’s brow to the mid of the nose, thereby providing eye area coverage. For this, again, the rounded frames work the best as it fits perfectly with most men and women.


Choosing the perfect sunglasses for the face is not as easy as one might think. There is a frame that will enhance one’s best facial features, and there are glasses that will not. Hence, to avoid the latter situation, one can refer to the knowledge beans being spilled above. To get the best quality sunglasses that fit one face like magic, go to a reputable place such as oakley sunglasses. Another method through which anyone can know their face shape is to ask a friend for help. Once the person has understood their face type, they can begin to choose their sunglasses that will enhance their features the best.

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