Magnifying Mirror

How to Choose the best Magnifying Mirror

People call them differently. They are usually referred to as magnifying mirrors, makeup mirrors or a girl’s best friend. Usually, men call it a shaving mirror, useful in the bathroom as in the shower. When you visit websites and look at catalogs, you may find them with the name of magnifying mirrors or to place on the table. Some of the most elegant sites call them standing or base mirrors. There are numerous styles, designs and features, so you can have a different mirror in each room of your home.

Round, oval and square mirrors designed to be placed on the table or hung on the wall. Some increase the vision and others illuminate it in different light settings, whether you are in the office or at night. Features may simply depend on taste, but some, such as magnification and light, may affect the usefulness of the mirror for the intended purpose.

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Styles and Designs of Mirrors

Conair offers a wide selection of mirrors that adapt to your particular style and preferences. Metal framed mirrors designed to rest on a dresser or table tends to be a little heavier for greater stability. Finishes, such as polished chrome, gleaming bronze, brushed nickel and matt black, are available to suit any decor. You can see the entire collection online on the page of mirrors with light Conair.

Plastic frames and pedestals, as well as folding bases make these mirrors ideal for traveling and storage. Many models with light work with batteries.

Another option is a rectangular, modern and elegant standing mirror with adjustable lighting and touch screen that allows you to see yourself in different lighting environments. With a simple tap, the screen rotates the light setting to the next in a three-setting structure.

Illumination that reflects you

Good lighting is a key to get a clear view when you put on makeup, but it is different depending on the environment, the time of day and the light source. How makeup looks during the day is very different from how it is seen in the dim candlelight in a restaurant.

When you choose a magnifying mirror with light, the most natural light sources are generally better for makeup. For simple personal care tasks, such as shaving and combing hair, incandescent light is more traditional. Incandescent light tends to be warmer in tone and offers soft halo lighting. If you put on makeup with an incandescent mirror, there is often a second source of light in the room, which alters your appearance.

Using a mirror with LED or fluorescent light creates lighting closer to natural light and with more brightness. LED and fluorescent bulbs save up to 70% more energy than traditional incandescent lighting. LED bulbs are durable and do not need replacement. Fluorescent bulbs can last up to 3 year (s) or 10K hours.

Conair offers a variety of mirrors with makeup light, which use different types of lighting. There is even a model with several panels that allows you to see your right and left profile, in addition to the front. The touch screen control allows you to select the settings: high, medium, low and off.

Magnifying Mirrors

Most of the makeup and vanity mirrors with lights that you will find today have double sides. A face reflects the images in normal size. The other side increases the image so you can see the small details. The increase can vary on average from 3 to 10 times the normal reflex. The enlarged image allows you to accurately apply the base, eyeliner, mask, lipstick, and is ideal for placing or removing contact lenses. It also improves hair removal accuracy using tweezers and other personal care tools.

To determine the most suitable increase for you, try different models in a store that has mirrors with increased Conair. Magnification greater than 10 times can produce a slightly distorted image that could be useful for detailed work at a very short distance. But you will need to be a very short distance from this type of mirror, so keep in mind where you will place it.

Choose a suitable Location for your Mirror

Finding the best and most useful place for your mirror is very similar to the location of a property, location is everything! If you think of a permanent location, a wall mirror is an excellent option. Free up space on the dresser or counter, and the extendable and oscillating arm allows you to accommodate it for a comfortable viewing angle.

Just be sure to install a wall mirror at the appropriate height to be able to use it sitting or standing, and confirm that there is enough space to be able to turn it from the positioning arm and not collide with a cabinet, a shelf or a door. Another benefit is that wall mirrors are safer in crowded bathrooms and in places where there are children because they cannot fall on the floor.

The table mirror offers great versatility. Move it and use it anywhere in the house, the bathroom, the bedroom or even outside on the deck or at the entrance where the light is natural and bright. Placing one in a bedroom helps to have less traffic in the bathroom and people can access it in times of high demand, for example, in the morning before going to school or work. One idea that you may not have considered is having one at your work desk to check hair and makeup during busy business days

Quick tips when buying a Magnifying Mirror

  1. Mirrors with metal frames are heavier than plastic mirrors and more stable if placed on a table. The plastic ones are ideal for traveling.
  2. At the time of makeup, the LED or fluorescent light offers a more natural reflection.
  3. LED and fluorescent bulbs save up to 70% more energy than incandescent lighting.
  4. The higher the magnification, the more you will have to approach the mirror to get a more detailed and less distorted image.
  5. Makeup mirrors with light intensity control are more versatile when you put on makeup according to different lighting environments.