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Here Are The Signs That It’s Time To Get New Dentures

When cared for properly dentures can last for many years, but no matter what you do, you can’t make them last forever. Modern dentures are made to last, but everyday wear and tear will mean they need to be replaced, how do you know when it’s time? 

For a start, your dental care expert can tell you, but there are a few signs you can keep an eye out for yourself. 

#1. They Don’t Fit

Both your mouth and the dentures change shape over time, and this can cause dentures to come loose or fall out.  Badly fitting dentures will also cause you to bite the inside of your cheek, as they won’t close together properly, and this can cause infection. If your dentures do feel loose, there is a fix, you can use denture adhesives to hold them in place, or use a denture reline. But if you can’t do either of these, or your dentures feel too small, they may need replacing.

#2. You’re In Pain

If you’re in pain while wearing your dentures, you should see your dentist to relieve the pressure. If you’re feeling slight friction or pressure, it can be relieved with a denture adhesive, but if that doesn’t work the whole thing may need to be relined, adjusted, or replaced. The dentist you see will also be able to tell if the pain is being caused by something in your mouth. Sometimes treating this will fix the overall issue. 

#3. There’s Irritation

If your dentures have become loose or changed shape and you ignore them, they can cause irritation in the mouth. This, if not treated, can lead to swelling as well as sores in the mouth. These can lead to mouth diseases and be debilitating for you in the future. If you think something’s wrong, get your mouth and the dentures checked out. It might be dentures or gum disease, but it will be an issue that needs immediate treatment. 

#4. You Can’t Chew or Speak

If one day you realize that people are struggling to understand what you’re saying, or you’re struggling with harder foods, it may be poorly made or badly fitting dentures. When dentures are poorly made, they will often warp and lose their shape quickly, and this will lead to an inability to speak or chew. This is bad for your confidence as well as your health, so consider going to see the experts soon. 

#5. Your Dentures Are Damaged

Dentures can be damaged in the same way that natural teeth can. If you bite something too hard, you can chip them, if you drop them, they might break. You can repair minor damage, but if they’re so damaged that they’re unusable safely, they need to be replaced. A chip may not seem bad, but it can cause cuts in your mouth or damage the dentures further to cause cracks or breaks. 

#6. Your Dentures Are Discoloured 

When dentures are stained, they can lead to a lack of confidence and it’s not your fault. Food, drinks, and things like tobacco or medication can discolor your dentures. So if this happens consider stain removal, but if it’s bad enough, you may have to replace your dentures.  

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