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Great Jobs That Require Minimum Training

Having a great job sometimes doesn’t require you to have a degree and spend a lot of money and many years in school. You don’t necessarily need years of studying to have a good job. Of course, it all depends on the field you want to work in but remember, there are options for you if going to university isn’t one of them. Many careers require training instead of schooling. If you are looking for a career change or other opportunities that are not on the „traditional“ schooling path, read on to see some of the options available.

Sales Representative

If you are communicative, like to work in business and can easily convince people into doing something, this job can be a great option for you. Businesses rely on sales reps to close sales, find new customers and develop relationships. There are many entry-level positions if you don’t have any experience. But, if you complete a marketing and sales program, this can give you a wider range of options and an edge over other competitors. For this job, you will need great business skills and sales strategies. You will be selling products to individual consumers or other business and will need to be engaging, persuasive and friendly. There are many opportunities for advancement and travel.


To be a firefighter you don’t need a university degree. You will need to pass physical exams, written exams and aptitude tests. You have to be pretty fit and a quick thinker because you will always be on edge and people’s lives can depend on you. In this career there also opportunities for advancement, like being a Station Manager which will also give you a higher salary.


Everyone needs to eat, so cooks are always in demand. Being a cook can be a very stressful and demanding job, but it’s one that pays well. It can also give you opportunities to express your creativity while cooking and making new recipes. Starting at an entry-level job will give you many opportunities for advancement. If you have a formal education r you have finished a program, you are set for success. Cooking programs can be completed from six months to a year, and they can include an internship. This way you can show your skills and get a job very quickly. If you build your experience and work hard, you can even advance to a chef or head cook.

Veterinary Assistant

If you love animals and want to spend many hours working with them, this job is perfect for you. It ‘s one of the most fulfilling careers. Veterinary assistants usually work in the office of a vet station and assist veterinarians in procedures and check-ups. There are training programs you can take to gain the necessary knowledge and skills and gain an advantage when applying for a job. Abilities you will need are related to animal care, surgical and laboratory procedures, equipment and administration. Some animal hospitals will allow you to learn on the job without a certification.


You don’t need years of official education to work in a hospital. Paramedics and EMTs or emergency medical technicians have a very important and sometimes even critical position in a hospital and on the field. They are the first to respond to accidents and medical emergencies. Training to be a paramedic can take only a few weeks, but if you want to specialize in your training it can last up to two years. It’s a fast-growing career field that has many opportunities and can give real meaning to someone’s life. If you are prepared to hone your skills and be alert and save lives, this job is for you.

Truck Driver

If you dream of driving on open roads as a job, being a truck driver is probably for you. There are many truck driving jobs, and you will need different sets of skills and certificates to be eligible for certain positions. You will also need to complete a heavy vehicle training course to become a truck driver. You want to make sure you pick the right job for you, as you will spend many hours on end in your truck. Some of the highest-paying trucking jobs are tanker hauler, hazmat driver, ice road trucker, transport driver and oversized load trucker.

Real Estate Agent

To become a real estate agent, you don’t need years of work experience. This job can be available to you after getting your high school diploma, training or a course, and a state license. Your attitude is what matters in this profession, and an ability to make a great impression, presentation and give a great sales pitch. If you work in an agency, you can work on a salary or on commission, which means the more you sell the more you earn. This is a very common salary option, so it’s up to you and your skill how much money you earn.

As you can see, there are many careers you can start without experience, or with minimal training and course work. Don’t fret if long-term education is not for you, as you can have many opportunities for great jobs and advancements. A great career is about finding out what interests you and taking the necessary steps to advance in it.