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GoGoAime Vs AnimeHeaven Which One is The Best For watching Anime Online?

Anime is a form of Japanese cartoons which are quite addictive and provide endless entertainment to its viewers. They cover a variety of genres and have superior animation than conditional cartoons. There are so many options and platforms available which you can use to watch your favourite anime content but not all of them are good for you.

Here we will take you through two of the most popular amine streaming platforms that anime lovers absolutely adore.


Main Features:

This platform is a great source of anime movies and shows. People of all ages can visit GoGoAnime and have unlimited fun from its many amazing streaming features for free. You can find both quality and quantity on this site. This platform has earned thousands of positive reviews from anime community all over the globe.

Video Quality:

 if you are looking for a free site that offers the best video quality and smooth streaming experience, GoGoAnime is the way to go. Just like Kissanime, this platform provides the clearest and high-resolution video. You can also adjust the video quality to your need.

Variety and Quantity of Anime:

This site stands out for its excellent collection of anime shows and movies. The developers of this platform make sure to update its content on a regular basis so that you can get the latest content from your favourite anime shows which is pretty amazing.

Free Service:

GoGoAnime provides its users with amazing streaming services and features without any cost. No subscription charges or registration fee is needed. This makes the platform the top priority for any anime lover no matter where they are from.


This platform is the most secure for viewing online content. Most free websites are not entirely safe and if you choose them than you might end up in various scams. But GoGoAnime puts your security on top and pays extra attention to this important detail.


Main Features:

AnimeHeaven is among the top platform for viewing anime related content. This site is the best when it comes to user interface and layout. It covers all the genres and has a variety of shows in very high video resolution. You can visit this platform today and have a great deal of fun.

Video Quality:

This online streaming platform offers a very high definition (HD) video quality. All the shows are in great result no matter the new ones or the old classics. Video quality is also adjustable on this site. You can benefit form this feature if your internet is slow or your system doesn’t support very high definition videos.

Variety and Quantity of Shows:

As mentioned before, AnimeHeaven covers many genres and hosts a variety of anime shows and movies from old time classics to the latest ones. The shows are arranged in groups and categories so that you can find the stuff that you are into with great ease.

Free Service:

This platform is also free. You don’t need to pay even a penny to enjoy the content from this anime streaming platform. Most anime platforms that are considered as free often have premium versions that contain more features than the free version. But it’s not the same for AnimeHeavenll the features are contained in the same free platform.

You can also visit Plasticrypt to learn further about such free online anime streaming services and many other interesting contents.


If you are a security conscious individual and prefer the security of an online streaming site above anything else, then we suggest you go with AnimeHeaven. Your online identity and sensitive data are extremely safe with this platform.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what makes the above discussed anime websites great for viewing anime content. You can get unlimited shows, HD quality videos and smooth streaming experience with minimum ads, all at one place. If you prefer a platform with interactive layout and amazing user interface, we suggest you choose between these two.

Both the AnimeHeaven and GoGoAnime have received lots of appreciation and positive remarks from anime communities all over the world. So, pick one of these platforms and you’ll soon find out what extraordinary services they have to offer without any charges.