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7 Fashionable Menswear that Is Ideal for Travel


“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

In recent times, travelers desire for better clothing. In the Past, travel bags were stacked with hand-me-down cargo pants and a few loose t-shirts. And they are ready to discover new places! The recent uproar of digital nomads and various other fashion-conscious sites have spawned a new kind of traveler with different tastes over their wardrobe. Today’s mantra is to pack light and travel hard! And, it is followed religiously by particular hard-core travelers, while looking great on the road. The innovations in space-age fabrics and various other changes, to the ways clothing gets manufactured with all the attributes whether being fitness apparel or a fashionable outfit, have aided the travelers to take a call for the same. Lightweight insulation, water-proofing techniques, and even tech-integration are just a few hallmarks of future travel gear. The various brands are successfully catering to the varied requirements of today’s travelers.  

Here is a sneak-peak into the fashionable menswear, with an eye towards innovation and various trendy travel clothing having all the rugged features. They are generally road-tested at the world’s most challenging locations. The below points will thus discuss the seven fashionable menswear that is ideal for travel, and they are incredible ones : 

Linen pants or feather-light chinos 

Linen pants or feather-light chinos are apt for the night-outs or evening strolls at new places. They will keep you warm during cold nights while allowing your skin to breathe. They are easy to carry and upkeep for the same is never a big issue. Any pastel shade pants will team very well with the shirts and t-shirts you pack in your travel suitcase. And also put small travelling iron in your suitcase. You may need ironing on these clothes.

Suave-looking cotton shirts 

Pack a pair of trendy, yet suave-looking cotton shirts. They become handy when you plan to visit the nearby bistro to taste the local cuisine. You can pair them easily with a pair of linen pants or cargo you are carrying. 

Tie-n-dye t-shirts 

When fashion is calling, then tie-n-dye t-shirts are in vogue! Ideal for a beach party or just strolling, these dyed and striped ones are a must in your travel bag. You can never go wrong with them, owing to their patterns or prints. They are easily clubbed with your cargo shorts or chinos.


Cargo-shorts are the ones with most practical cuts for traveling men. They are both trendy and easy to handle. With pockets, these cargo shorts have become an all-time favorite among traveling men, in recent times. Primarily, when they head towards hot climate zones, these cargo-shorts acts as the perfect companion.

Colorful Hawaiian Shirts

Plan to visit the beaches? Pack a pair of Hawaiian shirts, as they are both ‘in fashion’ and looks bright. Considered as staples for summers and springs, they can come as a useful add-on in your travel suitcase.

The Correct Underclothes

If you are not into a comfort zone with your underclothes, then you will be experiencing a tough time while traveling. Men are generally at ease in boxer-shorts, as they are lightweight, easy to wash and dry, besides takes less space in your backpack.

Right pair of footwear

Choosing the right pair of footwear is very important, while you are doing your travel packing. Most travelers have a shortage of space to adjust them. By and large, pair of shoes or trainers gets stuffed in your backpack. 

But then, take a call and do some serious thinking about what type of footwear is going to be appropriate by the activities you desire enjoying, while you are traveling. For instance, if you plan to go hiking, then a pair of hiking sandals or boots can turn out to be the right option. Moreover, they are trending in today’s fashion world.

On-trend fashion accessories  

None of the vacation or traveling is complete minus specific essential fashion accessories. Your packing check-list will complete when you carry a pair of good-quality shades. They might vary from round glasses to top-bar ones, or else the evergreen aviators! Generally, try catching the pace of the places you visit. Thus, wear an exceptional and trendy looking wristwatch on the other, to keep you on time! Your other hand highlighted with bracelets will do the talking. They are the most happening and up-to-the-minute accessory trending in the men’s fashion world.  

An endnote…

Traveling has always been an exciting endeavor. And in today’s fashion world, men have become more conscious of what they should be wearing while on the move. It is just that how you carry yourself with whatever you are wearing. Your travel gear should be such that you can always be relaxed, both physically as well as mentally. By venturing out from your homeland does not mean that you completely let yourself loose! Dressing with a dash of style can add to your travel experience. You are never aware of whom you can bump into while traveling.

Even though it may seem irresistible to pack your fashionable attires, your packing should be light and comfortable too. The discussed seven guidelines designed to assist you in dressing sharp and stylish, while you are thoroughly reliable in a suitcase!

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