Classy Bride

Fabulous Hen Do Activities for a Classy Bride!

If you have been given the honor of being named the Maid of Honor for your sister, close friend or cousin’s wedding, then you have a myriad of tasks and chores ahead of you.

One thing you have to spend a great deal of time and effort on, and one that you must start planning as soon as possible, especially if the guest list is particularly long, is the hen do. So, with that in mind, continue reading for some fabulous hen do activity ideas for a classy and sophisticated bride.

Afternoon Tea

The first fabulous idea on the list is to book an afternoon tea, complete with bespoke and customized decorations.

The beauty of choosing a sophisticated and demure afternoon tea as part of the bride’s hen do celebrations is that, often, venues which provide a proper, English-style afternoon tea experience are usually smaller and you may well be able to book the entire venue for your party.

Massage Treatments

Nothing says relaxation and pampering than booking the bride and the rest of the girls in for a full body, deep tissue massage, complete with bubbles and nibbles in between treatments.

There is a wide plethora of amazing benefits to a massage, especially from a renowned and reputable salon such as, including, but in no way limited to the following:

  • A reduction in muscle tension, soreness and pain
  • An improvement to the function of your immune system
  • A reduction in feelings of stress and negative energy
  • A way to safely lower your blood pressure and heart rate

Champagne Tasting Experience

If the bride-to-be is someone who absolutely adores and appreciates an expensive, crisp, and deliciously dry glass of champagne, then depending entirely of course on the location of the planned hen do, it would be a great idea to book you and the girls onto a champagne tasting experience.

Not only will you all enjoy touring the venue, but by the end of the experience, you will be proverbially well-oiled and ready to hit the town.

A Hot Air Balloon

If you and the rest of the girls are lucky enough to have a generous budget, then another sophisticated and altogether incredibly impressive idea when planning the celebration for the bachelorette is to book a ride in a hot air balloon.

The number of people who can safely fit and ride together in the same hot air balloon obviously varies depending on the size of the balloon, but certain companies will be more than happy to arrange for two, three, or more balloons to take off at the same time so you are all together.

A Professional Photographer

These days, it is often said that if a photograph is not taken of you doing something and then subsequently uploaded onto various social media platforms, then the activity didn’t really happen, so to combat this, hire a professional photographer.

You could invite the photographer to either come to the apartment where you’re all staying, or instead, get them to come out with you for an hour or so on your big night out.