Does PEMF help nerve damage?

PEMF therapy is one of the most innovative therapies to treat various health issues. This therapy has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness. Many people use this therapy to cure body pains. Nerve damage (also known as neuropathy) can cause pain. Also, it can cause numbness and grave body issues if not treated timely. The question that arises here is whether the PEMF helps nerve damage? In this article, you will read about nerve damage and the effect of PEMF on it.

Nerve Damage and Its Causes

Information travels to your brain in the form of nerves. When the nerves in any body part get damaged, they send pain signals to notify your brain. This can also lead to chronic pain. One of the major causes of neuropathy is diabetes. However, conditions like trauma, injuries, genetic diseases, infections, mineral deficiencies, and other severe disorders also cause nerve damage.

What are the symptoms of Neuropathy?

The nerve damage can cause mild to severe pain. Besides pain, you may also feel a burning sensation, cluster pain, or tingling in the affected area. You may face difficulty moving, intolerance to high temperature, bladder, and digestive problems.

The Impact of Nerve Damage

As mentioned earlier, neuropathy can cause chronic pain which can affect your daily life. You will find difficulty in walking or doing your simple routine activities. Also, constant pain and uneasiness can influence your emotional and mental health.

PEMF Therapy for Pain

Commonly, medications and surgical procedures are involved in pain treatment. These traditional treatments can have numerous side effects. Also, they might not always help with the pain. The medications give you temporary relief and can cause addiction. Many people have explored PEMF therapy, and it has proved quite effective to relieve pain. This therapy does not give temporary relief but cures the main cause of the pain. It uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses that cure the root cause of the pain.

The pulses target the muscles and these tissues and restore their energy. When a cell gets damaged, the nerves are affected. The electromagnetic pulses restore the power in the cell to speed up the healing process and reduce inflammation. The studies have shown that this treatment can cure pain in various body parts including, the neck, knees, joints, and back.

In addition to that, this treatment can also reduce the pain receptors in your brain to provide instant pain relief.

How to use PEMF to cure damaged nerves?

The PEMF devices can help cure damage in any part of your body. It will heal your cells and provide instant relief. In the case of neuropathy, the main cause is not easily detected. The body area that is numb or sore might not be the area of damage. In this case, it is recommended to get full-body therapy. 

This treatment usually takes 20 minutes or less depending on the intensity of the problem. You can easily get this therapy at a health center or clinic. Many patients have experienced a reduction in pain within eight hours of the therapy. You may get this therapy two or more times to fully get healed.

You can get this therapy by yourself at home or anywhere. There are many portable devices available that are designed according to the body’s needs. You can get the device suitable for you at

Final Words

To conclude, PEMF therapy can make your life easier with its efficiency. This therapy is completely safe and a great alternative to conventional treatments. Getting a therapy device is a sensible investment to get rid of body pains faster. So, this therapy can successfully help people with neuropathy.