Magnesium Lotion

Does Magnesium Lotion Really Help You Sleep?

Do you have problems sleeping? Are you under a lot of pressure because of your job? Or maybe you have insomnia, nightmares, or other ailments that make you lose sleep? Well, the one-stop solution to your sleeping woes is magnesium cream.

With 40% of Aussies struggling with sleep daily, sleep deprivation is a serious problem here. Meanwhile, applying magnesium lotion can help your brain and body relax, catching up on that precious sleep you need. But does magnesium lotion really help you sleep? And if yes, how so?

Read on to find out!

Magnesium Cream and Its Effects on Sleep

So before delving into the answer to your questions, let’s first understand what magnesium lotion is. It refers to a moisturising cream that can add to your daily magnesium intake.

Moving on, magnesium, one of the most abundantly found minerals on the Earth, is involved in over 600 chemical reactions in the human body. And these reactions help calm your brain and body down, opening up a gateway to sleep.

The mineral magnesium will impact your parasympathetic nervous system, restoring and maintaining the GABA neurotransmitter levels. And it is GABA’s job to bring down the neuron activity in the CNS (Central Nervous System). As a result, your stress levels will go down, relaxing your CNS.

In fact, a particular study also states that people with increased magnesium intake experience better sleep than others. This improvement is in terms of both time and quality of sleep. Moreover, it also lends a helping hand in curing depression and anxiety, the two other sleep killers.

So, in essence, magnesium cream will help you catch a good night’s sleep, and this opinion is shared by a lot of trusted experts around the world.

Using Magnesium Lotion to Help You Sleep

Since this product is available in the form of a cream, you need to apply it to your skin. You have to squeeze the moisturiser in your hand and rub it over your body.

And if you don’t want to do that, you can simply apply it to the critical areas of your body for nearly the same effect. But make sure you apply it on your shoulders and neck since there is generally a lot of tension build-up on these spots.

This magnesium then starts seeping into your bloodstream and comes in contact with your muscles. Your muscles will now be relieved of any existing cramps, helping you fall asleep quickly.

Is It Possible to Use Too Much Magnesium Lotion?

The application of magnesium lotion should be made in the right amounts, but there isn’t a strict limit attached to it. As such, the application of too much cream is not going to harm you or your skin in any way.

Owing to the transdermal nature of the application, magnesium is absorbed directly through the skin. And it has no contact with the digestive tract and hence is safe to use even if you have applied more than intended. But although, make sure you have read the instructions for application on the label before you proceed.

If you suffer from loss of sleep, then magnesium lotion can definitely help. Inducing a calming effect on your entire central nervous system, this cream can help you get the peaceful sleep you need. So follow the application instructions, and make sure you apply it to all critical parts of your body.

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