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Do You Dress for Fashion or to Function?

With the never-ending clothing evolution, you might have difficulty finding and fitting yourself with the latest styles that suit both your preferences and personality. As such, women’s clothing is continuously evolving with its impressive and never seen before styles. Every emerging style is good news if you are into fashion, but it will be a thought-provoking idea for some who’ve always had a problem choosing the perfect outfit for the day.

Standing in front of the closet with tons of clothes is both exciting and challenging. With the latest upgrades on clothing, every day might become a struggle for you to express yourself in a clean yet fashionable look. So, how do you slay your look for the day without suffering a dilemma? Do you dress for the sake of fashion, or do you wear to function?

Dressing for Fashion

When you dress, there are factors that you usually consider, such as style, colour, and design. If you are a fashion-oriented woman, you are updated with the new styles and always ready to adapt to them. Likewise, when you wear and try to impress other people, you will most likely dress for fashion rather than function.

For example, going to an office often requires pants and a formal top. But as a woman dressing for fashion, you will most likely deviate from the norm and choose a new style instead of pants. It might not bother you as long as it is under the acceptable length and dress code of your company.

Dressing to Function

Some ladies consider the purpose of their outfit rather than what they look like. As long as they are comfortable and their dress serves their purpose, they are perfectly fine. These ladies will argue that the purpose is the priority, and they are aware that clothing styles vary depending on your needs.

Commonly, these are the questions that these women ask: Am I attending a formal gathering, sports event, or just a casual hangout with friends? Am I wearing the kind of clothes that matches the occasion? These are the ladies who typically go with the norm. For example, if you are an office worker, you will follow the ordinary and most comfortable office wear. You might not have the idea to transform your style into a dress or a sleeker outfit.

Stay up to date with the latest styles

Since change is the only constant thing, you should keep yourself updated with the latest fashion around you. Regardless if you want to dress for style or function, you should be in-line with the trend.

Considering brand new women’s clothing ideas for your wardrobe is one smart way to avoid the dilemma every time you stand in front of your closet. Moreover, discovering something new is always exciting.

Why not get yourself out of the box, step out of your comfort zones, and try a whole new different look? You can always shop in online stores to find your unique style. Remember that you dress to express yourself and not to impress others.

Author Name: Carmel Issac
Author Bio: Carmel Issac is a blogger and writer. He loves to express his ideas and thoughts through his writings