Different Ways to Track the Shipment

FedEx Corporation was formed in 1970. It has grown so much that now it is providing its services in more than 220 nations with 490000 members and continuously expanding to provide its services around the globe. Fedex corporation is divided into five operating companies. Almost five million shipments are made by and 100 million electronic transactions are being processed by FedEx every day.

 FedEx tracking, means to the information and updates regarding shipment in only one click. It acts as an instrument which enables us to keep a check regarding the whereabouts of our packages in a simple, convenient and speedy way. Information of shipment in a speedy way is a very important benefit to the customers because it saves time of the customers. There are so many types to track the parcel which is being offered by fedEx. So in this article, we are going to discuss the types which are being offered by this company. So, without any delay let’s get started

Types of tracking are enlisted below:-

  1. FedEx Advanced Tracking: Provides personalized as well as comprehensive tracking experience, In-depth view of all the shipments, the plethora of option is available to choose from regarding FedEx shipping notification.
  2. Track by FedEx desktop: FedEx order tracking notifications are provided by FedEx desktop and it also monitors the status of the package. It is very helpful in case of regular tracking and frequent checks on status. It provides easy access to package information through desktop, lead to the efficient management of time by knowing earlier expected shipments.
  3. FedEx mobile tracking: It is the most expedient tracking tool which provides updates regarding order anytime anywhere. It provides all the strength to the person to keep a check on FedEx Tracking. It provides easy access to track the shipment with the help of Barcode scanning.
  4. FedEx Insight: A request for the will be emailed to the sales representative and on its approval one can view his/her shipment without revealing much information. For Instance, without providing tracking or reference number a person can keep an eye on his shipment. It helps in saving time as there is no need to track every package separately, provide updates regarding current status in case of any delay, provide economies of scale by saving both time as well as cost by planning resources.
  5. Track by Email: One can keep an eye on the current status of the shipment through e-mail, track 30 FedEx shipments with just single mail requests.

These are the various types for tracking the parcel or document offered by Fedex. Customer can track his or her shipment in the way which best suits him or her. There are many other benefits also which are provided by this company like receive an update in just one click, It provides an option to save the purchase order for a quick update of fedex courier tracking, Provide a clear and single interface for all shipments, Facilitates creation of nicknames for convenient search. This company is also known for employee benefits like three paid week vacations and health coverage for employees etc.