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Black Lipstick Guide

This year, a “heavy taste trend” sweeps the makeup industry. Various dark lipsticks and eye shadows are emerging one after another. God seems to be cool!

Many people dare not try this black lipstick, because they are afraid of the effect shown in the picture above, so they cannot go out to meet people.  In fact, you guys are really broken!  Sei said that black lipstick must be black when applied?  If you do n’t believe in Orange, you can prove it to you!

What is the impression of black lipstick?

Lipsticks come in many colors, but black lipsticks also exist. I think some people feel that it is a very strange colour, but what kind of person does it look like? I will introduce the features and usage of black lipstick here.


1. MAC Matte Lipstick – Punk Couture


2.  Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lipstick, 020 Onyx, 0.74 oz

Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lipstick


3. Manic Panic Hell’s Bells Lethal Lipstick




4. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick


5. MAC Stallion Liptensity Lipstick Deep Black

6. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, Lip Makeup, Matte Finish, Hydrating Lipstick, Nude

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Characteristics of black lipstick

I think that many people think that black lipstick is a color that is not familiar. If anything, I think some people have the impression that they are incorporating it in overseas makeup. However, black lipstick may be released recently.

The impression of black lipstick is very strange. The lip is originally a part that takes in a complexion of blood, so bringing black, which has nothing to do with it, has a great impact. By bringing black to your mouth, you can change the atmosphere of makeup at once. You can make dark and cool makeup.

Many black lipsticks give a little more depth, rather than a deep black color. Since it is a sheer color, some blacks are not so noticeable. There are also black lipsticks with a mixture of red. Compared to the black lipstick, the color is still easy to use.

Recommended for people who are tired of their usual makeup, or for those who want to try out unusual makeup that has lost their complexion.


How to choose black lipstick

Here are some points that will help you choose good black lipsticks.

  • choosing black lipstick, make sure to check how much color you have. Some of the black lipsticks have a black color as you see them, while others have a slight sheer color. Make a choice depending on how much color you want.
  • choosing black lipstick, texture is also very important. A matte textured lipstick can create nice lips. The sheer colored lipstick can be finished in a sexy atmosphere. The appearance changes depending on the texture, so check it carefully.
  • Moisturizing power When choosing black lipstick, be sure to give importance to moisturizing power. If you apply it to your lips and it lacks moisturizing power, vertical wrinkles on your lips will be noticeable. Make sure you use lipstick that is well moisturized.
  • When holding a black lipstick, be careful about how long it lasts. Colors that develop firmly, such as black lipstick, can easily be seen as falling and look dirty. Choose something that is hard to fall off, or choose something that doesn’t look dirty when it falls.

History of Black lipstick

The first known black lipstick reference comes from Egypt, at approximately 4000 BC. Throughout this time, Egyptian women are not afraid of color or beauty: they wear green eyeshadow, blue-black lipstick, hair hair, henna on their feet, and blue and gold accent on their breasts and nipples. They also had their own make-up kits lipstick put on with a wet wood stick and archeologists found wooden boxes used to store make-up pigments-ancient cases of Caboodle, if you like. People too were painting their faces. Yet beauty was a top piority not only for the living but also for the dead: women were buried in their graves daily with two pots of rouge.

How to use black lipstick?

I will explain how to use black lipstick here.

  • Lip brush is recommended: When applying black lipstick to your lips, we recommend using a lip brush. Black lipsticks are more noticeable than other colors. Sometimes it’s not so easy to apply it directly, so try using a lip brush.
  • Edge from the outline When applying black lipstick, let’s edge from the edge. Make a firm shape according to the shape of the lips. It is also recommended to stick out a little and make it an over lip.
  • Finally, fill the central part. If you want to add solid color, we recommend applying it directly. If you want a beautiful finish, we recommend using a lip brush. If you want to create a fluffy atmosphere, it is recommended that you paint it with your finger and blur it.
  • When using a black lipstick that has a natural color, it is best to use it with a slight blur. For a sheer lipstick, we recommend layering it on a red lipstick to add depth. It can also be useful as a lip color change.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Black Lipstick

Have you ever wondered what makes these lipsticks vary in choice, the color, the shade or the time of wear? So, considering few things is always necessary before we go ahead and buy a lipstick. Here are some key points to remember before you buy a black lipstick.

Shelf Life Of The Lipstick

It is important to test the shelf life of the lipstick, i.e. the date of manufacture and expiration date, at all times. Most lipsticks typically have a shelf-life of 3 years. Some retailers are trying to sell the one-year-old items to complete their old stock instead of new ones.

Check it out before you buy it.

Often we get drawn to a few colors of lipstick but not meant for our skin tone or personality. When we swatch different colors on our faces, it is best to note the disparity between colors before we settle for one. You should make a decision after examining the colors, and choosing the one you know would suit you better.

Choose When Your Wants Lipstick.

It is important to think what kind of lipstick you’d like to go with from various varieties of lipsticks. Among the styles of lipsticks, few list cream lipsticks, gloss brush lipsticks, lipsticks with frost or glitter finish etc.

Search for rules on exchanges.

Take a couple of minutes to analyze the company’s trading agreements with the retailer if you are uncertain about using the company for other purposes. Many companies promise drug distribution within a few days’ time limit.

Avoid Lipstick Non-transferable.

Lipsticks which claim to be non-transferable appear to quickly dry the lips out. Yeah, it’s also nice to use non-transferable lipsticks to prevent chapping and drying of the lips. When you particularly feel like buying a non-transferable lipstick, check for certain aspects such as whether or not it comes with hydrating properties.

See Ingredients for test.

Do not just look at the logo on the company! Before you buy a lipstick, it is very important to test for additives because it may contain some dangerous additives that may cause considerable damage to your skin and may even be allergic to you in the long term. Check Parabens, Retinyl Palmitate and Tocopheryl Acetate in particular and resist purchasing lipsticks that contain them.

Check Swatches and Read comments.

Before buying in some makeup or beauty product, do make sure you read the article about it when it’s up and fresh on the market. Reading a review can also benefit because people discussing the product usually share their personal encounters with the product, the pros and cons etc.

Some important FAQs related to Black lipstick

What is the sign of black lipstick?

Black lipstick doesn’t mean you’re a cynical person or a poor guy, but it does show you’ve got a dark side. You still have a morbid sense of humour and are not easily amused. For your taste, you find vivid colors to be too shiny and attentive.

What would I be using as black lipstick?

As Black Mascara Gloss Eyeliner – Much like the liquid eyeliner again, take the black gel eyeliner you already own and rock it like a glossy lipstick. You should either wear it like that or brush gently with a metallic powder or black eyeshadow for the matte esthetic, depending on the recipe of your gel eyeliner.

Is black lipstick looking fine on everybody?

It doesn’t really matter your skin color, because it looks amazing on everybody. “If you’re going to do something straight up jet black, it fits on every skin color. That’s just the way it is,” Bauce said. She does have some black lipstick tips for those with lighter complexions, although.

Could black eyeliner be used as lipstick?

Yeah, as some have reported, you can use eyeliner (type pencil) as a lip liner. It is better to use a pencil eyeliner with a glossy colour in a hue similar to the natural skin tone of your lip or suit the colour of the lipstick you intend to use (no black eyeliner around your lips.

Would you slip on black lipstick?

A red power lip is a classic pass, but black lipstick is one way to get the beauty drama up quickly and enchantingly. Black is typically the go-to color when it comes to keeping it safe at work. … The trick to wear black lipstick at work is using the right formula and mixing it with extra makeup.