Warts on Legs

Best Treatment Method for Warts on Legs

Warts or plantar warts are common stubborn viral infections. Some are very painful, irritating to the skin, and some even make it difficult to walk correctly. Warts and plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). HPVs are of many types, such as HPV 1,2,4,60 and 63. Warts sometimes grow deep into the skin, making it difficult to treat. If you are already tired of dealing with warts and are looking for the best treatment for its cure, you must seek swift wart therapy. And the best treatment available in the medical field is wart therapy using SWIFT technology.

What is SWIFT wart treatment/therapy, and how does it benefit you?

This is a cutting edge new generation technology cleared by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). It has been the most effective treatment for removing plantar warts, and it has no side effects or strain on the body. The treatment is very effective, and you can see the difference after the treatment. In this therapy, the specialist delivers low dose microwave energy through a specialised probe that targets and efficiently treats the underlying HPV virus through stimulation of the natural immune response of your system.

What to expect during the therapy?

The protocol of SWIFT involves three to four treatments, and each is done with a gap of four weeks. It (therapy) aligns and works with the body’s natural immune cycle. Each therapy session lasts about five to ten minutes and is what you call a “sock off – sock on” treatment: There will be minor debridement, no skin bruising, and no bandages required. There is no need for home treatment during the therapy, and patients can resume their daily activities post-therapy.

How effective are these therapies?

The SWIFT technology has proved to be the best way to get rid of warts, and many pediatricians prefer this treatment over the traditional ones. There is only a tiny scratch mark that happens after the therapy, and there is only an injection required, which has only a few minutes of after-effects (tiredness/dullness). Some patients experience soreness after the therapy session, but nothing severe affects their daily activities.

Is it painful, and how long does it last?

Pain is variable and patient-specific; most feel a little discomfort in the region of infection, and their temperature may rise rapidly after a 2-second dose of energy (treatment method). The pain vanishes immediately following cessation of energy delivery and almost no post-therapy pain. Some patients feel much better immediately after the surgery and start their daily routine.

When should one consider consulting a podiatrist?

It is crucial to visit a podiatrist if you feel some viral infection on your legs. And if the symptoms are severe, the podiatrist will suggest you immediately go for SWIFT wart therapy.

Here are some common symptoms you must look out for:

  • Feel like you have painful pebbles in your shoes
  • Experience pain while compressing the sides of the wart
  • Circular flat spots on the skin and depressed region in the middle
  • The lesions on your foot/bleeding and painful feet or had a colour change in the infected region
  • Standard treatments are not working
  • Inability to do regular activities
  • Poor sensation in your feet

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