Perfect Bra Size

Best Tips to Find the Perfect Bra Size

A perfectly fitted bra can make your day super cool and comfortable. It is essential to wear a correct-fit bra; otherwise, it leads to several pains. According to the research in Melbourne, about 80-85% of women are not using the correct bra size, which results in thoracic pain, mostly in young women. This is due to the lack of knowledge regarding your bra size. Some stores provide the size charts for Bra fitting in Melbourne.

Most women will miss some or the other thing while they are purchasing a bra. Maximum women wear uncomfortable bras that are very tight and dig deep into the skin, or the straps fall off the shoulders. All these can leave you in an awkward situation in a heavy crowd. Do you know? Women in Melbourne are spending around $16 billion on bras, which is surprising. If you are unaware of how to purchase the perfect bra or the correct bra size, you cannot buy the one that’s best for you.

If you want to avoid all such mistakes and experience the new style of shopping, you must find the best store that offers the exact sizes and perfect Bra fitting in Melbourne. If you want to make your job done easier, follow the below-given expert tips and then start your shopping.

Here are the tips for finding the perfect fit bra:

1. Maximum Support Comes from the Band:

Though the bra cups keep your breasts in position, the actual (90%) support of your breasts comes from the Band. Straps are there to shape your breasts and the cup to join with your body. Ask an expert staff member to get the perfect fit bra that should match precisely the Band, cup, and straps.

2. It is a Must to Know Your Size and Your Sister Size:

There is a lot of difference in the size from one brand to another. Most women in Melbourne are trying to change their style of shopping and turning towards accurate shopping by knowing the exact size. Women are trying to understand their actual size and also their sister sizes. If you cannot find a bra in your true size, there is another option that you can check in your sister size.

The tip is that: If you increase the size of a cup, decrease the size of the Band, and vice versa. For instance, if your size is 32C, then you can check bra is a sister size of a 34B or 30D. Or, if your size is 34C, find the bras in 32D or 36B. So, knowing your sister sizes can help you a lot if it is difficult to shop with your actual size.

3. Simple Equation to Know Your Cup and band Size:

The bra size is nothing but a ratio that merges the size measurements of your band size with numbers from 28-44 and cup size with letters from AA-M. All the women in Melbourne think it is a great idea to get the correct bra fitting at a store. You will feel surprised that how could you miss this and wearing the wrong size bra for all these years.

4. Round-Up if You Have Two Different Sizes for Breasts:

It’s so common to have two different sizes for breasts. This issue can be fixed by following a tip: you can purchase a bra with removable pads, remove it on the big size breast, or add a bra cutlet for the small size breast.

Wrapping Up:

Follow these guidelines and tips when purchasing a bra; it will surely help you find the best and perfect fitted bra.

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