VIVA Virtual Assistants

Benefits of Partnering With VIVA Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant [VA] is gaining popularity. In the past, VA was self-employed personnel specializing in specific tasks. Today, the VA sector has widened, and you can hire professional virtual assistant companies.

Professionals at VIVA Virtual Assistants offer various services like administrative tasks, customer support, data entry & management, social media marketing, and more. The benefits of partnering with a virtual office assistant are multiple folds.

Decreases overhead costs

How can a VA help in cost reduction?

  • Rather than hiring a full-time employee for a small task, hire VA. Their charges are per task-based or hourly, so you need to pay for the actual task completed.
  • VA works remotely, so there is no need for overheads like a laptop, internet connection, or more office space.
  • When an employee is newly recruited, you need to invest in job training. VA works on tasks they specialize in, so there are no concerns about spending resources and time training. They get started immediately!

Outsourcing non-core tasks increase productivity.

There are lots of non-core activities that a business needs to handle, like –

  • Internet research
  • Sending newsletter & emails
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Handling customer inquiries
  • Data entry

These are necessary but no core tasks that the in-house staff needs to do. Enforcing them can take away time, which could be spent doing things they are really good at.

Outsourcing to VA with the right skills allows the in-house team to concentrate on core activities and thus increases productivity.

Expand business quickly

VA can help in scaling business operations fast. You get the ability to hire talent based on your project. It allows handling the increasing work demand with ease without the concerns of rushing through the recruitment process. VA allows quickly handling the sudden scalability and giving time to hire full-time employees.

Flexible customer service

Businesses with customers around the world can benefit from VA assistance. Your business located in a single location makes it hard for the staff to handle international time zones and global needs. Hire VA to cater to the different time zone [24/7] needs and allow your staff to enjoy work-life balance.

Focus on business growth

VA performs the non-core tasks, so business owners can start working on their strategies to expand their brand. They can invest the resources and time focusing on setting goals and directing their brand for better performance and future success.

The above aspects demonstrate that virtual assistants are helpful to a business. Virtual assistant jobs can be searched for on the internet. So, when is the right time to look for a virtual assistant?

  • Hiring a full-time employee for a task that needs a few hours of involvement every day or week is unreasonable. For example, hiring a full time just to schedule clients meeting is not a sensible idea. When one-off projects or small tasks are involved, it is good to outsource to a Virtual Assistant.
  • There are non-core tasks like handling emails and phone calls every day. Your in-house staff may find it hard to juggle their core activities because their hours are spent performing time-consuming daily tasks. Hire a virtual assistant to deal with these non-core activities and release your employees so that they can concentrate on the core tasks.

Hire a reliable virtual assistant company!