Turmeric milk

Benefits and recipe of ‘Turmeric milk.’

Golden milk, also called ‘Haldi doodh’, is a traditional Indian drink specifically fed to ill people to promote their immunity system. It is now standard and well known in all other countries due to its antioxidant and beneficial properties and ingredients. Golden milk derived its name from its rich colour of bright yellow. While golden milk may not be available at many cafes or general stores, a few ingredients like Turmeric capsules and whole milk is what it takes for one soothing glass of golden milk itself. Turmeric capsules are time efficient and have several benefits. It is a multifaceted spice that should be incorporated into one’s daily diet.

The rise in the cases of coronavirus from the pandemic has drastically affected many people. Still, it has also put down the health and complete immune system, leaving them more prone and sensitive to infection and illness. Golden milk is one of those foods that drastically build up the immune system, leaving one much better off when consumed regularly. Turmeric is a spice that generally acts as an antioxidant, killing bacteria and treating infections, not only helping people recover faster, but it’s a great way to stay full itself, being no less of a great drink when prepared the right way.


In about five minutes, turmeric/ golden milk can simply be made in just a two or three-step process. However, some may not find the whole traditional spice, turmeric, readily available in western localities, so Turmeric capsules work great. Any choice of milk can be taken in a pan to boiling temperature. Once the milk overflows its boiling state, the liquid from the capsule should be generously added into the boiled milk, as per choice, which should then be stirred well occasionally till the milk starts to turn into the golden colour as it should. Leaving one having their turmeric milk ready; however, if one may want to add a dash of saffron or sugar, they are most welcome to personalise their drink their way. It is essential to remember that the purpose of this drink is to be consumed regularly for effective results, making people free to do what they can with the drink to make it healthy and comfortable enough to consume it frequently.

The other less spoken benefits are plenty and entirely unspoken, so readers need to know what they are consuming and how it may contribute to their health overall.

Long term improvement in the functioning of the brain and overall memory:

The long-term effects are improving the processing time of thoughts and the memory of things and factors itself in people. People have confirmed from daily consumption the positive effects may perform a micro change, but maybe drastic on the everyday life itself, leaving one more focused, sharp, and observant at all times.

May reduce risks of heart attack and diabetes:

Turmeric, in particular, can drastically improve the endothelial function that the blood vessel linings are intended to do, leaving the arteries letting blood flow smoothly. Studies have also shown the daily impacts and overall effects that ginger and cumin (present in a few recipes of golden milk) may have after 10-12 weeks of consuming it consistently. While some have had a lower diabetic level of about 90-120, and some have had a high antioxidant level rise in their body, with a lower chance of fever and diseases. The overall point here is that golden milk consumed by individuals would always turn out good, leaving them better off at the end of a few weeks itself.

Unfortunately, individuals who may be lactose intolerant or maybe vegan, instead of whole buffalo milk or cows milk, may switch to almond or soy milk and follow the same recipe as directed earlier.

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