A tale of two offices, ergonomic and unergonomic.

Ergonomic offices are distinguished by a lively and productive work environment.

Like Henry Fayol’s esprit de corps, camaraderie, enthusiasm, and productivity filled every nook and corner of Company A. The company’s owners were proud of the less attrition rate. They rewarded their employees with perks and incentives every now and then. They had to, because the productivity was so high in Company A that it enjoyed incredible returns-on-investment (ROI). In fact, injuries and ailments were so rare that one had to scratch his head to remember the last time when someone fell ill. The office was so ergonomic that everyone felt safe, secure, happy, and productive.

Company B’s tale was a bitter afterthought. Far from enthusiasm, the employees were dressed in Office Syndrome. They loathed the prospect of coming to work every day. Highly irritable, many of them suffered from diabetes, hypertension, and a vulnerable heart. There were some who visited psychiatrists regularly. The owners of Company B never cared for employee satisfaction. Their rapacious gaze rarely moved from the cash flow statements and balance sheets. By the time they realised that revenues were dwindling, and employee loyalties were shifting, it was a bit too late. Had they gone ergonomic, the imminent doom would have been avoided.

What made Company A go for ergonomics?

Unless there’s an astute leader at the helm, success is merely an illusion. You might be filling your pockets, but the moment you ignore your comrades and their contribution, you are scripting your own demise. You should be a caring and compassionate employer who leads a pack of achievers rather than a narcissist who loves to rule. Company A realised this a long time back, and the owners started to set aside funds for office ergonomics.

Regular meetings between the management and the employees were held where office ergonomics was the unwavering agenda. This way, Company A’s owners won the trust of their colleagues, and the ergonomic investments were expedited with ease. A good employer never pontificates, and Company A’s owners did the same. They decided to embark on the ergonomic quest with ergonomic furniture.

Within days of preliminary meetings, the first lot of sit and stand desks arrived. As productivity began to shoot-up, ergonomic desk chairs, stools, and converters were ordered. Company A vetted all the options; hired architects and interior designers; and even consulted medical experts before investing in ergonomic furniture. As time passed, employees were provided with ergonomic office accessories as well. Today, Company A stands as a glittering example of championing the ergonomic cause. Even its work-from-home (WFH) employees are enjoying ergonomic benefits. And it continues to scale one height after the other in a competitive market.

Why should companies invest in ergonomic furniture?

Ergonomic furniture boosts health, mood, fitness, and productivity

Ergonomic furniture comprises sit and stand desks, office desk chairs, ergo stools, converters, meeting pods, work pods, phone booths and a gamut of accessories. These products improve posture; eradicate backaches and neck pains; provide comfort to wrists and forearms; uplift mood and morale; and enhance work-productivity. Secondly, ergonomic furniture keeps you active and moving at the workplace, thereby mitigating the risks of obesity, hypertension, and cardiac problems. Even anxiety, depression, and the Office Syndrome can be kept at bay with ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic furniture adds aesthetic appeal to the workplace

All the ergonomic furniture variants such as sit and stand desks, office desk chairs, ergo stools, converters, meeting pods, work pods, and phone booths look beautiful. They come in various colours, hues, and themes and add visual delight to the workplace. Employees working in such environments feel jovial and exhibit unflinching loyalty towards employers.

Ergonomic furniture fosters savings and ROI

Ergonomic furniture is a worthwhile investment as it enables savings in and ROI. You can easily save on medical bills and furniture replacement costs. This is a wonderful gift which you as an employer can give to your colleagues.


When a company invests in ergonomic furniture, it’s paving the way for longevity, compassion, and goodwill. Employee productivity is guaranteed, and so is their loyalty towards the employer. Company A realised it on time, and so should you!