8 Best Medical Apps You Should Download Today

In this time and age, we are increasingly moving towards a technology-driven world. Today, there are apps for almost every aspect of your personal life, and entertainment, communication, social, and professionals needs. However, it is time that we also turn to the app world for our health and medical support.

Not many people know but applications within the healthcare industry are also increasing in popularity. Fortunately, there are many apps available that help you be more mindful of your overall health and well-being.

Let’s look at eight mobile apps that you should download into your smartphone.


CareZone is a free and great medical app that you can download into your smartphone. It is an all-in-one kind of an app that allows you to manage your own and your family’s medications and doctor’s instructions. A few highlighting features of this app include a record of medications, the prescribed doses, and any additional doctor’s instructions. You can also create schedules with the calendar feature of the app, log in all important incidents in the journal, and organize your doctor and pharmacy’s contact information. CareZone is a completely free app and it can be very useful in your daily life to keep up with your health requirements.

Doctor on Demand

This is another great app to have on your mobile phone. Doctor on Demand provides a service of connecting you to a range of certified doctors within your area. Even though you can’t get a comprehensive diagnosis, but it is useful in getting quick help for things like skin irritation, flu, heartburn, depression, and anxiety. You should definitely visit your doctor later to ensure there is nothing serious because the medical professionals can’t perform tests and treatments through the app. This is a great app to have on your phone for a quick tip. It’s having a doctor in your pocket.


If you are a curious bee, then Medscape is the ideal app for you. This app gives you access to all kinds of medical information that you may be looking for. The app includes basic things like news regarding the medical and healthcare industry as well as instructional videos about different medical procedures. Besides, if you like to find our information about drugs before using them, you will like this app. Medscape includes side effects and interactions for over 7000 drugs and 8000 monographs. Hence, this app is great for medical professionals and people who enjoy reading up on the healthcare world.


This is the perfect app if you are diabetic or if you live with someone who has diabetes. mySugr app is a diabetes logbook that helps you keep a track of what you eat and your diabetes. People with both diabetes type one and two can use this app. This makes it very easy for you to keep an accurate log of your everyday activities that affect your condition. The app includes features like quick logging, analysis, and an insulin calculator. It also comes with a subscription option to sign-in for more advance app features.

Collision Call

When thinking about car wrecks, you often think about what to do after a car accident. Part of being an adult is to be careful and prepared for difficult situations. Collision Call is a car accident app that you should download into your smartphone. This app contacts emergency services as soon as you get in an accident. This app can be helpful in making sure you receive help as soon as possible. The app functions by tracking your movements as you drive the vehicle. Make sure your smartphone is charged as this app uses a GPS system and can drain your phone battery.


This is a free car accident camera app. This Android-based app works as your dashboard camera that records video of the scene of the accident. This recording will not just be a reliable source of evidence but it also helps with claiming insurance. The camera in the app records everything that happens when you get into an accident. It is a great way to document the details of the accident and use the recording for proving liability.


If you are concern about your safety and what to do after a car accident you should download the SOSmart app. This is another emergency car application. You can set it on automatic mode or open the app every time you are driving. The app monitors and detects information when you are driving on the road. The app makes it easy for you to alert emergency contacts in case of an accident. It also shows you the fastest route to the nearby hospitals and it automatically alerts the first responders and your friends and family.

Your hospital and health insurance app

Today, many doctors, hospitals, and other medical organizations have their official websites and apps available. It can be very useful to download your hospital and insurance company’s app. For example, if you can check your test results on the app and accordingly getting an appointment with your doctor for the follow-up. Having your doctor’s or hospital’s app on your phone can save your time, money, and can offer a lot of conveniences.

That said, these days many Individual health insurance app providers have apps available for their customers. You can use this app to find out benefits, find doctors within the network, pay your bill, and get quick customer services. Having these apps on your phone can come in handy at various times.


It is always better to be prepared for an unforeseen event than to find yourself helpless. These apps help you to not only be mindful and informed about your health and overall, what new in the medical industry, but they also ensure you are taken care of in the best way possible in case of an accident. All these eight apps can come in handy in different situations and this makes take a fantastic group of mobile applications to have downloaded into your smartphone.