7 Benefits of Identity Theft Guard for Your Company Staff

Of all the security options a business requires to protect it, the most essential is the security of employees. These days, employees are more susceptible to internet threats just like your organization. When your personal identity is stolen, it harms your organization’s bottom line. Usually, the C-Suite is extremely vulnerable to cyber hacking because of their access to proprietary data or info, eventually resulting in business identity theft. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, with the significant growth of the web and its security loopholes, many people are vulnerable to identify or internet thefts. That is why you need identity-theft guard protection for these seven reasons: 

  1. Less employee productivity loss

Based on the findings of the US Department of Justice, identity theft leads to poor employee productivity, at least 17.6 million people become victims of identity theft in the country. Then, it takes a long time for company employees to re-establish their lost identities equating to poor productivity in an organization. 

  1. Minimized corporate identity theft risk

One of the simplest ways cyber hackers intrude into a business’s information systems is by using their personal profiles or accounts. When a staff’s email details are compromised, your organization’s identity theft risk increases manifold. 

  1. Protection from blackmailing

Your employees are the pillars of your company. Then, it also means they have accessibility to proprietary data or info related to your business. When unflattering employee details become public, it will result in a disastrous sort of internet fraud called insider threat. Then, if you have solutions like identity guard with Watson, there is nothing to worry about. 

  1. Defense against targeted internet hacks 

When cyber hackers steal an employee’s details, such unscrupulous fraudsters can devise a clever way to find access to your company’s system. The method cybercriminals use is phishing which is frequently used to harm particular members of a company. They usually include HR employees or other members of an organization, who are prone to higher risks from hackers. 

  1. Staff awareness and training about internet security

When you embrace identity protection fully in your organization’s culture, you give your staff opportunities to educate themselves about cybersecurity. Many employees aren’t aware of the different kinds of thefts or the fact their digital footprint might harm the organization they work for currently. 

  1. Conformance with Information Assurance Standards and federal guidelines

There are regulations like NIST SP 800-171 to figure out how a company manages controlled unclassified information or CUI and ensures the protection of their info or data. Especially, NIST would serve as the benchmark by regulatory bodies in case of a breach. This would probably be included as a reference in new federal agreements. 

  1. Enhanced employee recruitment, morale, and retention 

Identity theft guard benefits employees, especially when cyber hacking is rampant these days. With identity guard solutions in place, it is possible to boost employee hiring, morale, as well retention. 


Now that you know about the benefits of identity theft and protection, implement processes and solutions in your business to mitigate risks, boost employee productivity, and bottom line.